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Home Composter

Compost is a great soil improver - why not make your own at home?

You can build your own wooden composting bays at home but you may initially prefer the convenience of a pre-made home composter.

Residents can purchase home composters from the Council at a cost of £9.99 which includes delivery (please allow up to 10 working days for delivery).

Dimensions - daimeter at base = 80cm; height = 1m.  

What can I put in the compost bin?

You should aim for a good mix of green plant matter which is quick to rot down, releasing rich nutrients and brown matter which is slower to rot, providing fibre and carbon and creating important air pockets to form in the mixture.

The following can be added to your home composter:
 Wood chips
 Dry leaves
 Grass cuttings
 Soft plant prunings
 Old cut flowers
 Uncooked fruit and vegetable scraps
 Tea bags / tea leaves and coffee grounds
 Crushed egg shells
 Shredded plain paper
 Toilet / Kitchen roll tubes and egg boxes (torn up)

The following items should be avoided in your home composter:

 Cooked food
 Meat, bones, fish, fat, oil or diary products
 Animal waste
 Chopped up twigs and branches
 Colour, photographic or glossy paper