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COVID-19 Town Centre Revitalisation Fund

The Council has secured funding to assist businesses to reopen and recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Primarily the funding will focus on town centres and can provide essential equipment, assist you to make adjustments to your premises, market and promote your offers and animate our towns through entertainment to attract customers back. 

Applications for funding have been issued to businesses who have passed the Expression of Interest stage.  Application forms should be returned to regeneration@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk by 4pm on Friday 2 October 2020.

Further guidance on how to complete the application form is available through the video below.


COVID-19 Digital Selling Capability Grant The Minister for the Economy has launched a new £1 million COVID-19 Digital Selling Capability Grant (DSCG) from Invest Northern Ireland. Aimed at helping retail and wholesale businesses grow online sales, DSCG is part of a wider COVID-19 support package to help eligible businesses progress recovery plans, strengthen supply chains, develop new products and access finance.

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Apprenticeship Recovery Package

 The Department for the Economy (DfE) has developed an Apprenticeship Recovery Package for Northern Ireland that will channel financial support to local businesses to help the apprenticeship system respond to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. 

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The E-Merge programme provides £2500/€2800 fully funded consultancy support to help businesses develop online sales and eCommerce solutions.

Support is provided in a range of areas including:

  • How to promote and sell online e.g. E-Marketing, Social Media
  • Website management
  • SEO optimisation
  • Identification of sectoral e-markets
  • E-commerce
  • Online payment systems/ billing/ security
  • Product listing
  • Product packaging & labelling
  • Pricing/price matching/batch offers/discounts
  • Secure logistics/ delivery methods
  • Customer service/ managing satisfaction ratings
  • Legal & Insurance implications

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Recovery Forums Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council has established two forums to strengthen two of the sectors most heavily impacted by Covid-19. The Retail and Town Centre Re-opening Mobilisation Team and Tourism Covid-19 Recovery Team will focus on collaborative working between local businesses from across the Borough, the Council and Central Government Partners. The forums are informing joint recovery plans aimed at building consumer confidence, driving footfall and delivering best practice in accordance with Central Government guidance. 

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NI Coronavirus Recovery Strategy

A phased five-stage plan for slowly moving out of lockdown has been published by the Executive. 

The document sets out the approach the Executive will take when deciding how to ease restrictions in the future.

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Hospitality Ulster

The Hospitality Industry’s COVID-19 Response Group has released its Road to Recovery Report, containing a 12 Point Plan showing the industries desire to reopen and rebuild the sector when the time is right.
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Department for the Economy

The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on our economy. Each month of shutdown is akin to a large recession. This is the first in a series of communications on how our economy will recover from the pandemic.

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Rebuilding a stronger economy 

The medium term recovery towards a more competitive, inclusive and greener economy. The focus of this paper is on the medium term recovery: a 12 to 18 month period.

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Working safely in different business settings

The government, in consultation with industry, has produced guidance on how to work safely in different types of workplace. It aims to provide a practical framework for businesses who need to think about continuing or restarting, operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We have also included useful information via the tabs to the left or below and should you have any queries please contact a member of our team by texting Business to 80039 or E. business@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk 

As we receive further information, we will communicate this through our website and corporate social media channels.

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