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The Council continues to operate its business support services including free mentoring. Click here for more information. 

Retail & Town Centre Re-opening Mobilisation Team and Tourism Covid-19 Recovery Team

The Council has set out plans to establish forums to strengthen two of the sectors most heavily impacted by Covid-19. The Retail & Town Centre Re-opening Mobilisation Team and Tourism Covid-19 Recovery Team will focus on collaborative working between local businesses from across the Borough and the Council in an effort to boost the local economy.  Click here for more information.

COVID-19 Resilience And Revival Package

We have created a COVID-19 Resilience And Revival Package based on the webinars below with free mentoring on each topic.  Webinar topics include:

  • Keeping Staff and Customers Safe - click here to view
  • ​Critical financial analysis - click here to view
  • Complete guide to eCommerce - click here to view
  • Personal resilience - click here to view
  • Innovation and changing work practices - click here to view
  • Remote working guidance - click here to view
  • ​Re-opening with greatest impact  - click here to view

If you would be interested in receiving information on this page and other support as it becomes available please E. business@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk

Webinar: Keeping Customers & Staff Safe by Sandra Young, Sandra Young Retail 

This video provides practical guidance for maintaining a safe workspace for employees, visitors and customers.  Risk Assessments will be explained to help businesses consider PPE, cleaning regimes, shop layout, number limitations, signage and how to safely get back into business.

Webinar: Critical Financial Analysis by Eilish Devlin, Ardean 

Financial management and cash flow along with templates to download and use. 

Webinar: Complete Guide To eCommerce by Ciaran Connolly, Profiletree 

Platforms, Marketplaces, Websites and Marketing - Covering general marketplaces to use and web platforms, the video will take you on a basic set up walk through and explain how easy it is along with some marketing strategies 

Webinar: Personal Resilience 

Business resilience through the current economic challenges from business leader Feargal McCormack, MD, PKF-FPM Accountants Ltd

Webinar: Personal Resilience with Mindset Coach Jo McAlister
How to deal with the unconscious blocks that hold us back and move forward through this Covid-19 experience. 

Webinar: New Ways To Sell 

Online selling - showing how your offline selling methods can work well online, building new packages and add ons and what makes good content along with the different types of content to use. 

Webinar: Innovation - New Opportunities For Your Business 

Ciaran takes us on a walk though the internet showing how to identify new opportunities online from Google analytics to new platforms to use. 

Webinar: Innovation - Improve Efficiency, Cut Costs And Increase Sales

Follow Ciaran as he shows us online business tools and software that could help you improve efficiency, cut costs and increase your sales. 

Remote Working by Lara Goodall
The new norm, how to take control, stay structured and get used to working remotely including top tips and tools available to maximise efficiency. 

Re-Opening With The Greatest Impact with Michelle Connolly, Profile Tree 
What can you do to ensure you make the greatest impact when the economy is back up and running and how to target customers and increase your market share. 


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