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Corporate Plan 2019-30

This Plan builds upon the work of the Council over the last four years and maintains our commitment to become a progressive, smart and prosperous Borough. We will continue to be inspired and driven by the ambition of our people to make this a reality. The Plan highlights our commitment to provide high quality, efficient and effective public services.
The Council’s ambitions reflect our responsibilities to provide resilient and reliable leadership, to improve our environment and encourage and support economic growth and prosperity.
We want to engage, empower and connect with local communities, improve the lifestyles of our residents and use new and innovative ways of connecting with and listening to our residents and visitors to ensure we are making a positive difference in the Borough. These ambitions are underpinned by a connected and enabled community, a culture of high performance and by ensuring the highest standard of governance.

Recovery Plan 2021-23

In response to the pandemic, the Council has produced a Corporate Recovery Plan 2021-23 which was approved in August 2021. This serves to ensure the recovery of our services and meeting the requirements of our statutory duties.  The council will measure and monitor the performance of the corporate indicators as set out in the Recovery Plan.


Corporate Recovery & Improvement Plan 2022-23

The Council has published its Corporate Recovery & Improvement Plan 2022-23 (draft for consultation), and is seeking your views.

The Plan sets outs four Performance Improvement targets for 2022-23, alongside a range of Corporate Performance Indicators.

You will have the opportunity to provide your feedback on the draft plan until 30 May 2022 when the consultation period ends.

The Corporate Recovery & Improvement Plan 2022-23 is also available in a range of formats upon request, or by contacting Ellen Boyd on T.  028 94 463113 Ext 31020 or E. ellen.boyd@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk


Useful Documents

Hard copies and alternative formats are available by contacting:

James Porter (Performance Improvement Officer) on T. 028 9034 0088 or E.  james.porter@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk