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Corporate Plan 2019-30

This Plan builds upon the work of the Council over the last four years and maintains our commitment to become a progressive, smart and prosperous Borough. We will continue to be inspired and driven by the ambition of our people to make this a reality. The Plan highlights our commitment to provide high quality, efficient and effective public services.
The Council’s ambitions reflect our responsibilities to provide resilient and reliable leadership, to improve our environment and encourage and support economic growth and prosperity.
We want to engage, empower and connect with local communities, improve the lifestyles of our residents and use new and innovative ways of connecting with and listening to our residents and visitors to ensure we are making a positive difference in the Borough. These ambitions are underpinned by a connected and enabled community, a culture of high performance and by ensuring the highest standard of governance.

Corporate Improvement Plan 2019-20

As Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council enters a new Council term, we confirm our enduring commitment to the people of the Borough, through the services and outcomes we continue to deliver. Alignment with the Community Plan and the Council’s Corporate Plan ensures the Borough is ‘A Progressive, Smart and Prosperous Borough. Inspired by our People; Driven by Ambition.’

The Council is committed to continuous improvement, recognising that improvement means more than just quantifiable gains in efficiency or internal effectiveness. Rather, it means a course of action that enhances the sustainable quality of life and environment for ratepayers and communities.

Contained within are the eight areas we will be focusing on, building on the progress from 2018-19. We want to increase staff attendance, encourage entrepreneurship and streamline processes and systems to ensure that suppliers receive payments more promptly. We will continue to balance the need to improve services such as leisure and recycling alongside our determination to further improve the cleanliness of our Borough and attain excellence in terms of customer satisfaction. We will deliver a capital development programme and will measure the level of satisfaction amongst residents and end users. In addition, contained within are a range of self-imposed indicators and standards to reflect all 18 Council Services.

Success in delivering this Plan will rely upon working with partners and stakeholders and the ongoing support of people throughout the Borough, staff, and trade unions. Aligned with our leadership, this will drive our performance to deliver on the commitments set out in this Plan.

A self-assessment report will be published by 30 September 2020 outlining how we performed.

Useful Documents

Hard copies and alternative formats are available by contacting:

James Porter (Performance Improvement Officer) on 028 9034 0088 or by email james.porter@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk


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