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Councillors Allowances

Councillors do not receive a salary, but receive an annual basic allowance to enable them to undertake their duties including:

  • Being accessible and available to all residents in their electoral area at all times

  • Meeting with constituents

  • Preparing for and attending formal and informal meetings as public representatives

  • Representing the interests of the whole council area

  • Representing Council on a wide range of external bodies


Councillors are legally entitled to claim certain expenses such as travel while on Council business.


Special Responsibility Allowance

Some Councillors undertake special responsibilities, such as Mayor, Deputy Mayor or Committee Chair. For this duty, they are entitled to receive a special responsibility allowance, which recognises that they will spend more time on Council business.

Dependants' Carers' Allowance

This allowance assists members towards the cost of employing another person to undertake their caring responsibilities while they attend meetings.

Councillors Allowances 2023/2024
Scheme of Allowances 2024/2025