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Draft Plan Strategy 2030

The Council has published its draft Plan Strategy, the first formal stage of the new Local Development Plan 2030, for public consultation.

The Antrim and Newtownabbey Local Development Plan (LDP) is the first to be brought forward by the Council since the transfer of planning powers to local government in 2015. It has been prepared under the new process for development plans introduced by the Planning (NI) Act 2011 and it will apply to the entire Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough area.

Draft Plan Strategy 2030

The draft Plan Strategy was published for a four-week period of pre-consultation running from 28 June 2019 to 25 July 2019. A formal period of public consultation ran from 26 July 2019 to 20 September 2019. The Plan and all its documents can be viewed below.

Current Consultation

All representations made to the draft Plan Strategy are open to public inspection during the 8 week period of counter representation. Full details are available below.

Draft Plan Strategy and Associated Documents

The Plan Strategy is one of two development plan documents which, when read together, will comprise the LDP for the Borough. The second document is the Local Policies Plan and this will be brought forward by the Council once the Plan Strategy has been adopted.

This information leaflet contains details of this key stage of the plan and the overall Local Development Plan process.

A copy of the public notices published in the Belfast Gazette and local newspapers are provided for information below.
EAPP Public Regulations Notice
Public Notice

Should you require a copy of this document in an alternative format, it can be made available on request in large print, audio format, DAISY or Braille. It may also be made available in minority languages to meet the needs of those whom English is not their first language.

Our contact details are set out at the bottom of this page.

Draft Plan Strategy

Sustainability Appraisal (incorporating the Strategic Environmental Assessment) Report 
Sustainability Appraisal Non-Technical Summary
Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

Draft Habitats Regulations Assessment

Equality (Section 75) Screening and Rural Needs Impact Assessment Report

Evidence Papers The Council has prepared its draft Plan Strategy in tandem with existing and emerging Transport Plans prepared by the Department for Infrastructure. Further information on Transport Plans is available on the Department for Infrastructure website.

Availability of representations for public inspection and 8 week public consultation for counter representations on site specific policy representations

We would like to thank everyone who responded to our draft Plan Strategy consultation. 

In accordance with Regulation 17 of the Planning (Local Development Plan) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015, all representations received during the statutory public consultation period on the Antrim and Newtownabbey Local Development Plan 2030 - draft Plan Strategy are now available for inspection. 

A copy of the Regulation 17 Notice can be found here

Hard copies of the representations can be viewed in the tables below and also at the Council’s Offices located at Mossley Mill, Newtownabbey and Antrim Civic Centre, Antrim, Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm.

Public consultation on site specific policy representations (counter representations)

In accordance with Regulation 18 of the aforementioned Regulations, any person may make a counter representation in relation to the representations received to the Council’s draft Plan Strategy.  The period for counter representations is 8 weeks, beginning on Friday 11 October 2019 and closing at 5pm on Friday 6 December 2019.

What is a counter representation?

A counter representation provides an opportunity for interested parties to respond to ‘site specific policy representations’ received to the draft Plan Strategy and to respond if they so wish.

A ‘site specific policy’ means a policy in the draft Plan Strategy which identifies a site for a particular use or development.

A ‘site specific policy representation’ means any representation which is seeking to change the draft Plan Strategy by:
  1. adding a site specific policy to the draft Plan Strategy: or
  2. altering or deleting any site specific policy in the draft Plan Strategy.
A counter representation should therefore be specifically related to and identify the relevant draft Plan Strategy ‘site specific representation’ and indicate the reasons for doing so in terms of the soundness and sustainability of the draft Plan Strategy. 

A counter representation is not an opportunity to raise new issues regarding the draft Plan Strategy, rather it allows interested parties to consider and respond to potential changes proposed by representations previously submitted during the public consultation on the draft Plan Strategy which ran from 26 July to 20 September 2019.  As a consequence, a counter representation must relate to a previously submitted site specific policy representation and must not propose any further changes to the draft Plan Strategy.  A counter representation should indicate the reasons for doing do in terms of soundness and sustainability of the draft Plan Strategy.

Further information on counter representations, including site specific policy representations, can be found in the Department for Infrastructure’s published Development Plan Practice Note 9 ‘Submission and Handling of Representations' and in the Planning Appeals Commission published guidance Procedures for Independent Examination of Local Development Plans

How to make a counter representation

Counter representations will be treated as a formal representation and considered at the Independent Examination (IE). The focus at the IE will be on the soundness of the draft Plan Strategy, and counter representations should therefore be based on soundness.

You must clearly state the reference number of the representation to which your counter representation relates so that we, and the Independent Examiner, can ensure that your counter representation is considered as fully as possible.

Counter representations should be made in writing and we would encourage you to use the methods set out below:-

  • Via our online consultation hub at: www.antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk/consultations
  • Downloading a copy of the response form here and forwarding it to the Forward Planning Team; or
  • Requesting a copy of our repose form to be posted to you or you may collect a hard copy from Mossley Mill or Antrim Civic Centre and return it to the Forward Planning Team.  
By Mail  Counter representations must be received by 5pm on Friday 6 December 2019. Any submissions received after this time will not be considered.

For further assistance, please contact the Forward Planning Team.


Draft Plan Strategy Representations

Representations received in respect of Local Development Plan 2030 - draft Plan Strategy can be accessed from the table below.
Reference Respondent On Behalf of
LA03/DPS/0001 Andrew Crothers  
LA03/DPS/0002 David Reade  
LA03/DPS/0003 Department of Education  
LA03/DPS/0004 Lindsay Martin  
LA03/DPS/0005 Richard Martin  
LA03/DPS/0006 Henry Boyd  
LA03/DPS/0007 Co-Ownership Housing Association  
LA03/DPS/0008 Northern Ireland Housing Executive  
LA03/DPS/0009 Minerals & Petroleum Branch (Department for Economy)  
LA03/DPS/0010 Armagh, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council  
LA03/DPS/0011 Construction Industry Training Board NI  
LA03/DPS/0012 Lightsource BP  
LA03/DPS/0013 Translink  
LA03/DPS/0014 No ARC 21  
LA03/DPS/0015 Dunadry Community Association  
LA03/DPS/0016 Peter Morrow  
LA03/DPS/0017 John Mullholland  
LA03/DPS/0018 Kickhams GAC Creggan  
LA03/DPS/0019 Mid Ulster District Council  
LA03/DPS/0020 Mid & East Antrim Borough Council  
LA03/DPS/0021 John Doherty  
LA03/DPS/0022 Amanda Johnston  
LA03/DPS/0023 One2One Planning Antrim Agri Fertilisers Limited
LA03/DPS/0024 Gareth Kelly  
LA03/DPS/0025 One2One Planning Mae Murray Foundation
LA03/DPS/0026 Donaldson Planning Mc Causland Airport Garages Ltd
LA03/DPS/0027 Donaldson Planning Kevin Logan
LA03/DPS/0028 Donaldson Planning Peter Cooke
LA03/DPS/0029 Department of Justice  
LA03/DPS/0030 Department for the Economy  
LA03/DPS/0031 Jonathan Mc Grandle John Greer
LA03/DPS/0032 Historic Environment Division (Department for Communities)  
LA03/DPS/0033 Gravis Planning Brian Mc Bride
LA03/DPS/0034 Mineral Products Association (NI) Ltd  
LA03/DPS/0035 Gravis Planning Ulster University
LA03/DPS/0036 Antrim and District Angling Association  
LA03/DPS/0037 Virgin Media  
LA03/DPS/0038 O’Toole & Starkey David Wilson
LA03/DPS/0039 Gravis Planning Corbo Properties
LA03/DPS/0040 Gravis Planning Joyce & Hazel Bill
LA03/DPS/0041 Gravis Planning Eastwood Estate Agents
LA03/DPS/0042 Inaltus Limited  
LA03/DPS/0043 Inaltus Limited Tamar Selby
LA03/DPS/0044 Inaltus Limited Bill Porter
LA03/DPS/0045 Inaltus Limited Iain Mc Cabe
LA03/DPS/0046 Autism NI  
LA03/DPS/0047 O’Callaghan Planning  
LA03/DPS/0048 O’Callaghan Planning  
LA03/DPS/0049 O’Callaghan Planning  
LA03/DPS/0050 O’Callaghan Planning Lindsay Martin
LA03/DPS/0051 Belfast City Council  
LA03/DPS/0052 Conway Group  
LA03/DPS/0053 Turley Planning Heron Bros
LA03/DPS/0054 Turley Planning Clanmill Housing Group
LA03/DPS/0055 One2One Planning NewRiver REIT Uk Ltd
LA03/DPS/0056 The Transport Training Board  
LA03/DPS/0057 Six Mile Water Trust  
LA03/DPS/0058 Maurice & Joy Patterson  
LA03/DPS/0059 TSA Planning Aberdeen Asset Management
LA03/DPS/0060 Belfast Hills Partnership  
LA03/DPS/0061 Quarryplan Ltd Northstone
LA03/DPS/0062 NI Water  
LA03/DPS/0063 TSA Belfast International Airport
LA03/DPS/0064 Inaltus Limited  
LA03/DPS/0065 MBA Planning Carnhill NI Ltd
LA03/DPS/0066 Turley Northern Ireland Federation of
Housing Associations (NIFHA)
LA03/DPS/0067 TSA Planning Lotus Homes (UK) Ltd
LA03/DPS/0068 TSA Planning Lotus Homes (UK) Ltd
LA03/DPS/0069 TSA Planning Lotus Homes (UK) Ltd
LA03/DPS/0070 Bombardier Aerospace  
LA03/DPS/0071 TSA Planning Vaughan Homes
LA03/DPS/0072 TC Town Planning Mr P Madden
LA03/DPS/0073 TSA Planning EPISO 4 Antrim S.à.r.l.
LA03/DPS/0074 Drumadarragh and District Residents Association *Note for LA03/DPS/0074*
LA03/DPS/0075 One2One Planning Nutts Corner Enterprise Park
LA03/DPS/0076 Sinn Féin  
LA03/DPS/0077 Jim Gregg  
LA03/DPS/0078 Turley Racarbry Developments Ltd
LA03/DPS/0079 TSA Planning Vaughan Homes
LA03/DPS/0080 TSA Planning Errigal Contracts
LA03/DPS/0081 James Hamill  
LA03/DPS/0082 Farningham Planning Ltd Flaxall Holdings Ltd
LA03/DPS/0083 Farningham Planning Ltd Flaxall Holdings Ltd
LA03/DPS/0084 TSA Planning Davelle Developments Ltd
LA03/DPS/0085 Clyde Shanks Moy Park
LA03/DPS/0086 Driver & Vehicle Agency
(Department for Infrastructure)
LA03/DPS/0087 Clyde Shanks Bulrush
LA03/DPS/0088 Clyde Shanks Neptune Group
LA03/DPS/0089 Clyde Shanks Ivan Jackson
LA03/DPS/0090 Clyde Shanks JFM Construction Ltd
LA03/DPS/0091 Clyde Shanks Mr Wilson Jackson
LA03/DPS/0092 Turley Toland House Properties Limited
LA03/DPS/0093 Turley Toland House Properties Limited
LA03/DPS/0094 David Dalzell  
LA03/DPS/0095 TSA Planning Mr Michael Erwin
LA03/DPS/0096 Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council  
LA03/DPS/0097 WYG Planning & Environment Private Client
LA03/DPS/0098 WYG Planning & Environment Department of Education
LA03/DPS/0099 WYG Planning & Environment Mr Paul Frazer
LA03/DPS/0100 WYG Planning & Environment Mr Nigel Herdman
LA03/DPS/0101 RPS Hyde Family
LA03/DPS/0102 Natural Environment Division, NIEA (Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs)  
LA03/DPS/0103 RSPB NI  
LA03/DPS/0104 Jobling Planning & Environment Mr Gawn Graham
LA03/DPS/0105 Conway Group  
LA03/DPS/0106 RPS Group  Northern Ireland Electricity Networks
LA03/DPS/0107 DFI Planning; Roads; Public Transport Division; Safe & Sustainable Trail Division; Rivers; and Water and Drainage Policy Division (Department for Infrastructure)  
LA03/DPS/0108 Invest NI  
LA03/DPS/0109 Jobling Planning & Environment Mr Gary Bates
LA03/DPS/0110 Turley South Bank Square Limited
LA03/DPS/0111 TC Town Planning  
LA03/DPS/0112 Woodland Trust  
LA03/DPS/0113 ABO Wind NI Ltd  
LA03/DPS/0114 Robert Logan Architects Paul Rea
LA03/DPS/0115 Karl Property Investments  
LA03/DPS/0116 D R Mitchell Limited  
LA03/DPS/0117 Karl Property Investments Ltd  
LA03/DPS/0118 PUDSI  
LA03/DPS/0119 Donaldson Planning John Mulholland Motors
LA03/DPS/0121 MKA Planning Denis McHenry
LA03/DPS/0122 David W Wilson Mr Jackson

Representations on Supporting Assessments

Representations that primarily or wholly relate to the draft Plan Strategy’s supporting assessments – the Equality (Section 75) Screening and Rural Needs Impact Assessment (RNIA), Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) and the Sustainability Appraisal incorporating the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SA/SEA) – can be accessed form the table below.
These have been provided for information purposes and it should be noted that a number of the representations on the draft Plan Strategy listed in the main table may also make reference to these supporting assessments.
Reference Respondent On behalf of Assessment
LA03/DPS/0032 Historic Environment Division (Department for Communities)   SA/SEA
LA03/DPS/0046 Autism NI   EQIA
LA03/DPS/0102 Northern Ireland Environment Division (Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs)   SA/Draft HRA


A key feature of Northern Ireland’s new Planning System for LDPs is ‘Soundness’ which requires the Plan documents be tested in terms of content, conformity and the process by which they are produced, at Independent Examination (IE).

The tests of soundness are based upon three categories which relate to how the draft Plan Strategy has been produced, the alignment of the document with central government regional plans, policy and guidance and the coherence, consistency and effectiveness of the content of the draft Plan Strategy. The tests of soundness are set out below:

Procedural tests
P1.     Has the Plan been prepared in accordance with the Council’s timetable and the 
          Statement of Community Involvement?
P2.    Has the council prepared its Preferred Options Paper and taken into account any   
          representations made?
P3.    Has the Plan been subject to sustainability appraisal including Strategic Environmental
P4.    Did the Council comply with the regulations on the form and content of its Plan and
          procedure for preparing the Plan?

Consistency tests
C1.    Did the Council take account of the Regional Development Strategy?
C2.   Did the Council take account of its Community Plan?
C3.   Did the Council take account of policy and guidance issued by the Department?
C4.   Has the Plan had regard to other relevant plans, policies and strategies relating to the
            Council’s district or to any adjoining Council’s district?

Coherence and effectiveness tests
CE1.   The Plan sets out a coherent strategy from which its policies and allocations logically flow
           and where cross boundary issues are relevant it is not in conflict with the plans of
           neighbouring councils.
CE2.  The strategy, policies and allocations are realistic and appropriate having considered the
           relevant alternatives and are founded on a robust evidence base.
CE3. There are clear mechanisms for implementation and monitoring.
CE4. The Plan is reasonably flexible to enable it to deal with changing circumstances.
The presumption is that the draft Plan Strategy is sound unless it is shown to be otherwise as a result of evidence considered at the Independent Examination stage by the Planning Appeals Commission. 

Next steps

Counter representations received during the statutory 8 week consultation period will in due course be published online and made available for inspection at Mossley Mill and Antrim Civic Centre.

Representations and Counter Representations will be submitted to the Department for Infrastructure in due course, where they will be considered as part of the Independent Examination process.  Please see our privacy statement regarding how your personal data will be treated by clicking here

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