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The Long Now By Sam Burnside

As part of Antrim Live Festival, Ulster Theatre Company present The Long Now by County Antrim born poet Sam Burnside at The Old Courthouse on Saturday 6 April.

Featuring two actors, projections, live music underscore and a soundscaped chorus, The Long Now explores one man’s memories.

Memory is general to all, while memories are unique to each of us.  Memory is shared, but my memories are mine, warmed or cooled, sweetened or embittered with time’s passing.

“I remember as a child being a passenger in a big black car on one dark evening.  I remember sitting low in the front passenger seat, looking up and out through the windscreen, the passing world of tree tops and cloud-filled sky being cut like scenes in a film with that mesmeric rhythm of the windscreen wipers.”

Do I remember, or do I imagine the sound of the wipers, the warmth of the car and the smell of the smoke of my mother’s cigarette?  I do not know but I imagine I remember the truth of that experience.

“This entertainment may or may not be true.  Who can say? Co Antrim in the 1950s is a far-off place.  Yet, this is the honest product of a writer closing his eyes and thrusting his hand into the bran tub of time and memory and hoping.”(Sam Burnside)

Featuring Sam Burnside's poetic language, The Long Now is an evocative exploration of memory, childhood and hope.

Tickets from Box Office T: 028 9442 8331 or online theoldcourthousetheatre.com

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