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Do you know where your recycling goes?

Recyclable plastics kept here in the UK

Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council work hard to ensure that all waste collected for recycling is recycled correctly and where possible locally, to provide local jobs and ensure sustainable waste management.
This includes all the plastic materials collected at the kerbside, through the wheelie boxes or blue bins, and at the Recycling Centres and Bottle Banks. All of this plastic is taken to local waste processors and is recycled either in the island of Ireland or in the UK.
Plastics that can be recycled include all plastic bottles (i.e drinks bottles, cleaning products, shampoo bottles etc.) and plastic tubs and trays (i.e. butter tubs, yoghurt pots, meat trays, fruit punnet trays etc).
Bulky plastic, such as plastic garden furniture, buckets and pipes can also be recycled at all of the Recycling Centres in the Borough.
Unfortunately plastic film or bags cannot be accepted (i.e. yogurt lids, film from fruit punnets, plastic bags etc) as these cannot currently be recycled.
Click here to view a range of videos which show what happens when your recyclables are collected at the kerbside.  

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