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Want to give up smoking?

Get help and advice from local support services

Many people see the New Year as an opportunity to make positive changes to their lifestyle; whether that’s improving their diet, increasing levels of physical activity, or giving up on unhealthy habits such as smoking. 

It is widely known that quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do to improve your health.  Cigarettes contain toxic chemicals, which cause damage to your body, increasing your risk of serious illness and even death.  Breaking the habit also saves you a lot of money, improves your appearance and protects those around you from the effects of second-hand smoke. 
There are many benefits to quitting smoking, but cutting out cigarettes is never easy.  However, by making the decision to quit you will be taking the first step on your journey to becoming “smoke-free”.  Identifying and preparing for the challenges you will face and focussing on the benefits of quitting will give you the best chance at success. 
Local stop smoking services are available in Northern Ireland, and studies have shown that by accessing this free support and help, you will be four times more likely to succeed in stopping smoking for good.
So this New Year, why not consider taking this positive step to increase your chances of living a longer and healthier life?
For further information and advice on local support services, and to obtain a free quit kit, visit www.stopsmokingni.info

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