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Vaccine news must not cause COVID complacency

We must not let complacency slip in with news of vaccine expected to be rolled out.

With news that an effective vaccine against COVID-19 is expected to be rolled out in the months ahead, the Mayor of Antrim and Newtownabbey is urging residents not to be complacent when it comes to following the simple steps that can reduce the spread of the virus.
Mayor Cllr Jim Montgomery said,

“As we approach the end of 2020 and in what has been an extremely difficult year, it is uplifting to finally see a glimmer of light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Much work has gone into the development of a vaccine and the latest positive results mark another important step forward in the fight against the virus.”


“However, as we begin to move closer to the roll out of a vaccine, it is vital that we do not let our guard slip and allow the virus to spread through our families and communities. Our NHS is still facing immense pressure and we need to do all we can to protect it. So I am urging you all to remain vigilant and follow the simple steps that we know can reduce the spread of this virus.”


“We can play our part by maintaining good hand hygiene, respecting social distancing, wearing face coverings and adhering to current regulations. It is important to also be mindful of our own health and get tested quickly if you experience symptoms. Ensuring you have the Stop COVID App on your phone can greatly help the Public Health Agency Track and Trace programme.”


“It is understandable that everyone is eager to resume levels of normality in their daily lives. An effective vaccine is fantastic news, but regulatory and logistical hurdles will take time to navigate.”


“People have lost their lives in this battle, and we owe it to our most vulnerable to ensure they are not exposed to undue risk. Until enough of our population is protected, we must all pull together and stay the course.”

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