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Autism Reality Experience Bus comes to the Northern Trust Area

To mark World Autism month The Northern Health and Social Care Trust has been working in partnership with local Councils and The Northern Area Autism Forum to deepen their understanding of autism by organising the roll out of the Autism Reality experience Bus. This experience took place in a mobile simulator and has provided a hands on experience for those attending.

Jayne Colville, Public Health Autism Co-ordinator said “We were delighted to work in partnership to bring the bus to the Northern Trust area in order to create a better understanding and acceptance of autism, and in doing so this helps us to better support the autistic individuals and families that we work with, and provide services for. The bus allowed us all for a short period of time to experience the sensory challenges and life as one autistic individual, and although we know that all autistic individuals are different, this experience has been a real success in fostering more understanding and creating much deeper insight”

The bus facilitated by Training2Care travelled from Ballymena to Cookstown, to Ballymoney and then finished off the week in Antrim and Newtownabbey.

Mayor and Deputy Mayor on the Autism Reality Experience Bus

Mayor of Antrim and Newtownabbey, Alderman Stephen Ross said, “It was great to have the Autism Reality Experience Bus visit both Antrim Civic Centre and Mossley Mill. Myself and the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Leah Smyth were both able to take part in the experience which provided an invaluable insight into how daily life can be a struggle for Autistic people. This reality experience allows you to view life from the eyes of those who have sensory processing disabilities and how it feels to them.

Thank you to Training2Care and the Northern Health and Social Care Trust for providing such an insightful experience.”

Article supplied by The Northern Health and Social Care Trust.