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Celebrating the 4th Anniversary of Refillution

This year, we are celebrating the 4th anniversary of the Refillution, along with the World Refill Day on 16 June. Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council is delighted to support Northern Ireland Water’s Refillution campaign, aimed at encouraging everyone to commit to refilling a reusable water bottle with our world-class tap water and stop buying single use plastic bottles.

Northern Ireland uses 145 million single use plastic bottles every year. By switching to a reusable bottle, people can help turn the tide in helping to reduce plastic waste. Our drinking water is 99% pure and we want everyone to benefit from it.

The Council have installed eight EcoFil Contactless Bottle Refill Stations across the Borough. These include:

  • Antrim Loughshore (Slipway)
  • Antrim Castle Gardens (Near the Dog Park)
  • Jordanstown Loughshore Park (Outside the Caravan Park)
  • Hazelbank Park (Car Park)
  • Theatre at the Mill
  • V36 (at the Peace Gate)
  • Neillsbrook Community Centre (Beside River Walk)
  • Sixmilewater Park, Ballyclare (Main Entrance)

Mayor of Antrim and Newtownabbey, Alderman Stephen Ross said, “By investing in these refill stations, the Council is taking a proactive approach to reducing litter caused by single-use plastic drinks packaging and preventing it from entering the marine environment. With drinking water now at the highest quality on record, staying hydrated and reducing plastic waste by using our Contactless Bottle Refill Stations is a win-win for everyone.”

Come along to find out more about Refillution, sign the pledge and get your free refillable water bottle during the dedicated Refilluton campaign which is being run across Antrim and Newtownabbey Leisure Centres. Council working in partnership with NI Water will run events on 1 June (Ballyearl Leisure Centre), 2 June (Antrim Forum), 6 June (Valley Leisure Centre) and 9 June (Sixmile Leisure Centre).

For more details visit antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk/refillution