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Centenary Child

An additional commemorative Birth Certificate will be issued to all babies born in 2021 to celebrate the Centenary of Northern Ireland.

Supported by the Northern Ireland Office’s Shared History Fund through the National Lottery Heritage Fund

Centenary Child
Given the significance of this year we will be presenting all babies born in 2021 with the opportunity to receive an additional commemorative Birth Certificate (see below) specially designed to mark their birth in this centenary year.

Every Centenary Baby registered at Mossley Mill and Antrim Civic Centre will be entered into a monthly draw , where we will identify a Child of the Month – who will receive a specially commissioned piece of pottery made by local artist Ruth Moxen.

This programme strand recognises that the children are the future of our place and we are celebrating the birth of our new citizens who will go on the shape the future of our home.

If you have registered your baby with us this year and did not receive a commemorative birth certificate and you would like to receive one, please get in touch and we can arrange a certificate for you .  Please email media@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk