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Oil Stamp Scheme

The oil stamp scheme allows householders to buy £5 oil stamps from local retailers and Council premises helping them to budget and spread the cost of central heating oil.

Purchasing heating oil in small quantities costs householders more per litre. Buying heating oil in larger quantities is more cost effective. The Oil Stamp Savings Scheme allows householders to buy £5 Oil Stamps from local retailers and Council premises helping them to budget and spread the cost of central heating oil.

How Does the Scheme Work?

  1. An Oil Stamp Savings Card can be obtained from one of the participating outlets (including Council premises)
  2. Purchase a £5 Oil Stamp or stamps from a participating outlet  (including Council Premises) within the Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough.  The stamps are non-refundable.
  3. Place your oil savings stamp onto your oil savings card in the spaces provided. Each card holds 40 stamps which is equivalent to £200.
  4. The card can then be used for payment, or part-payment for your oil with participating oil suppliers. 

Where does the scheme operate?

The scheme operates right across the Borough of Antrim and Newtownabbey. Retail outlets selling the oil stamps as part of the scheme are located in Antrim, Crumlin, Randalstown, Templepatrick, Toomebridge, Ballyclare, Glengormley, Mallusk, Monkstown, Mossley, Rathcoole and Whiteabbey. Stamps are also available from the Council offices at Mossley Mill, Antrim Civic Centre, the Sixmile and Valley Leisure Centres and the Old Courthouse, Antrim. The scheme is open to all householders living in the Borough of Antrim and Newtownabbey. 

Ordering Oil

The oil stamp card does not need to be full before using it to pay for oil. An incomplete card can be used as part payment.

Each oil supplier operates differently. Once you are ready to order oil contact your preferred oil supplier and let them know the amount of oil you require and the value of stamps you have received. It is important to check with the oil supplier how they expect to receive the card. Some may accept the card on delivery of the oil but others may prefer you to surrender your card prior to purchase.

It is your responsibility to comply with the payment method of your chosen oil supplier.

What if I lose my card?   

Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council is not liable for oil stamps or oil stamp cards which are lost or stolen from customers.  Once the oil stamps have been sold they are non-refundable from either stamps outlets or from Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council.  Customers should ensure that they keep their stamp card in a safe, secure location.

Where can I get more information?

You can contact the Council on T. 028 9034 0160 or E. envhealth@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk

Community Bulk Buying Oil Clubs

The Council has also been working with a number of local community clubs to set up community oil buying clubs.  By co-ordinating orders for domestic heating oil in an area, the clubs are able to negotiate discounts with the oil suppliers by buying in bulk.  The clubs are a great way of helping communities make home heating oil more affordable.  Everyone within the club pays the same price per litre regardless of the quantity of oil ordered and everyone benefits from the lower prices that can be negotiated by bulk buying.  Club members are able to buy smaller quantities of oil at regular intervals.
In each club the householders register to join.  The club sets its order deadline dates throughout the year and householders place their order by the deadline.  Each club has a community co-ordinator who negotiates the best price from a range of suppliers and informs members of the price, supplier and the date of delivery.  Each householder is responsible for paying the oil supplier directly by cash, oil stamps, debit or credit card. 

Oil club members have commented that being part of the club has allowed them to get smaller amounts of oil more often, saves them ringing round for quotes, helps them to budget better and has given them peace of mind.

The oil clubs currently running within Antrim and Newtownabbey are:

  • Ballyrobert (operating in a 1.5 mile radius from Ballyrobert)
  • Burnside (covering Burnside and Doagh)
  • Crumlin
  • Duneane (Toome)
  • Monkstown (operating in a 1.5 mile radius of Monkstown)
  • Ollardale, Ballyclare

To find out if you live within a catchment area of the existing oil clubs please use the contact details below:
Ballyrobert Oil Club - T. 07936 510083 E. bvcoil14@hotmail.co.uk
Burnside Oil Club - T. 07598 814909 E. e-bell1@hotmail.co.uk
Crumlin Oil Club - T. 07885 913479 E. oilclub@cig-net.org
Duneane Oil Club - T. 07834 546068 E. duneaneoilclub@outlook.com
Neillsbrook Oil Club - T. 07761 206875 E. neillsbrookgroup@yahoo.co.uk
Monkstown Oil Club - T. 07972 253335 E. villagecentre@btinternet.com
Ollardale Oil Club - T. 07763 197216 

Interested in finding out how to set up an oil club?

You can contact the Council on T. 028 9034 0160 or E. envhealth@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk

Heating Oil Theft

The local Crime Prevention Officer of the Police Service for Northern Ireland is giving the following Crime Prevention Advice to prevent heating oil theft:

  • Check your heating oil level regularly at least twice a week – preferably daily.
  • There are many devices on the market for measuring how much oil is in your tank – buy one and use it (oil sentry, oil watchman etc. See local supplier for details).
  • What security features does your tank have? Lockable fuel cap, sensor lighting coverage etc.
  • Is your heating oil tank easily accessible to vehicular traffic – next to a road, car park etc. If it is you are more high risk.

Be a good neighbour and report anything suspicious around a neighbour’s home i.e. tanker in driveway unusual time, persons taking hoses through to oil tank etc. If you are suspicious note details and ring 08456 008000 immediately.