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Access and Inclusion Programme 2020/21

Department for Communities Access and Inclusion Programme

The Department for Communities is providing a funding opportunity to local Councils towards the provision of social or community facilities and the refurbishment or restructuring of buildings.
The key objectives of the Department for Communities’ Access and Inclusion Programme are to:
1.         To improve access to arts, culture and active recreation venues across NI for people with disabilities;
2.         To make arts, cultural and active recreation venues more inclusive across society; and
3.         To increase participation in arts, culture and active recreation activities by people with disabilities.
Council have successfully applied to this programme in previous years and made a number of access and inclusion improvements. These improvements include:
•          Installation of accessible play park equipment to improve inclusion
•          Improvements and upgrade works at Council facilities and buildings
•          Improved service provision to encourage greater participation
Council would welcome feedback on potential access and inclusion projects, ideas and works which would improve access to Council facilities for people with a disability.

Equally we would like to hear from you if you are a constituted group with your own property and have a small capital project in mind that would improve access and inclusion to arts, culture and active recreation. All proposed projects must be based on the key objectives above, cost a maximum of £30k and be deliverable prior to the end of March 2021.

This funding application has now closed.