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To ensure our Council services, information and publications are accessible by all persons with a physical, sensory, language or intellectual barrier we will provide information in alternative formats on request, where reasonably practicable.  Where the exact request cannot be met we will ensure a reasonable alternative is provided.

Alternative formats may include:
  • Easy Read
  • Braille
  • Audio formats (CD, mp3 or DAISY)
  • Large print
  • Minority languages to meet the needs of those for whom English is not their first language

We use the Browsealoud feature on our website to enhance accessibility. The features of this service include:

  • Text-to-speech with choice of reading speeds and highlighters to enhance reading comprehension
  • Translation of web pages into 99 languages; speak translated text aloud in 40 languages
  • On-screen text magnifier helps users with visual impairments
  • MP3 generator converts text to audio files for offline listening
  • Screen mask blocks on-screen clutter, letting readers focus on text being read
  • Web page simplifier removes ads and other distracting content for easier reading
  • Custom settings that are built in to suit individual user needs and preferences

Useful Contacts

Ellen Boyd

Accessibility and Customer Services Officer

Antrim Civic Centre Office,
50 Stiles Way,
BT41 2UB

Tel: 028 9446 3113 ext 31020

Email Ellen