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Recycling Service Review

Innovative Waste Collection Service could save up to £6m over 10 years.

Recycling more!

You have consistently made us one of the top councils in Northern Ireland for our recycling rates.  Recycling is important and the Council wants to ensure that eveyone in our Borough has the same high quality reycling service. 

By increasing what you can recycle at home and improving our service, it will help you to recycle more.


What are the proposed changes?

For those residents in the Borough who currently have a blue mixed recycling bin, it will be replaced by a wheelie box. This will encourage even more recycling and because you are able to recycle more, there will be less in your black bin, so we are giving you a new slimline 180 litre bin for household waste.

The wheelie box three-tiered recycling bin system has already successfully operated for a number of years in other areas of the Borough and its introduction means that you would be able to recycle glass, textiles and batteries, alongside paper, card, cans and plastics. There will be no change to the brown bin recycling service. 

Why is Council proposing this change?

The proposed changes to the recycling service will help not only improve the quality of the items reaching the recycling plant but also allow you to recycle more. Sorting the items into your wheelie boxes means that there is less contamination, which results in more recycling.

Using the new wheelie boxes will not only help make our communications with you easier, but it will also save residents in the region of £6 million over 10 years. This saving will be reinvested into facilities and services across our  Borough. 

What are the benefits?

The main benefits of this new recycling service include:

  • Your wheelie box will be collected every week - that gives you an additional 25% capacity. If you trial it and it's not enough space, we'll give you a second set of boxes. Or if, from time-to-time you have extra to recycle, leave it in bags (to keep it clean and dry) alongside your wheelie box for collection. 

  • You can recycle more from your home - glass, textiles and household batteries 

    This will be in addition to all the other items which can currently be recycled including paper, card, plastic tubs, cans. tins, aerosols and food tins. 

  • Improved quality of recycling and less contamination as the recyclables are sorted at the kerbside

  • Reduced contamination and more recycling leads to savings to ratepayers 

How does the wheelie box work?

The wheelie box has been successfully working in other areas of the Borough. Check out this video of local blogger, Gemma Louise Bond who spent the day with a local recycling company.  



Recycling is challenging! So here's your challenge...can you recycle more? #iRecycleRight 


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