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Did you know that almost half of the rubbish that goes into our black bins could have been recycled?

We have amongst the top recycling rates of all councils in Northern Ireland, however there are still a lot of recyclables being placed in the black landfill bin which ultimately costs more money and damages the environment. 

Our #iRecycleRight campaign has been launched to encourage residents to put the right materials in the right bin! 

Which bin?

Knowing which items go into which bin can be confusing. 
Visit our what can be recycled page to find out more.


You might have noticed a number of bloggers on social media taking part in our #iRecycleRight challenge where they had to double their amount of household recycling over a week. Check out their videos below and see what they got up to during the week:



Congratulations to Jo Anne McComb who won our Bin Colour Challenge and bagged herself a £200 voucher for Hillside Nursery Centre.

We invited people to take a video or picture of themselves putting each of the below items into the correct bin:

  • Cleaning fluid bottle
  • Toilet roll tube
  • Grass cuttings
  • Food tin
  • An aerosol can
  • A plastic bottle

Thanks to all those who took on the challenge! 

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