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Did you know that almost half of the rubbish that goes into our black bins could have been recycled?

We have the highest Household Recycling Rate of all councils in Northern Ireland, however there are still a lot of recyclables being placed in the black landfill bin, which ultimately costs more money and damages the environment. 

Our #iRecycleRight campaign encourages residents to put the right materials in the right bin! 

Which bin?

Knowing which items go into which bin can be confusing. 
Click on the tabs on the left or below to see what can be recycled in each bin. 

Influencing our Recycling Rates

We have worked with a number of Social Media Influencers on our #iRecycleRight campaign, challenging them to increase their househild recycling while sharing the content with their followers. Check out their videos below and see how they got on with the #iRecycleRight challenge.