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About the Initiative

About the Initiative

In a bid to tackle climate change and reduce our carbon emissions, we have an ambitious plan to plant one million native trees across the Borough over the next few years.

This ambition is not something we can deliver alone…..so we need your help.

Whether you are a business, community group, school or a keen gardener, we want you to get involved from autumn 2023.

March marks the end of the planting season

Information on new initiatives or funding opportunities for tree planting during the autumn 2023 to spring 2024 season will be available later this year. 

How to Plant a Tree

Why are trees important?

Why are trees important?

Trees remove carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) from the atmosphere and store the carbon in their trunks, stems, leaves, roots and in the soil. They release oxygen as a by-product.

Trees are also important because:

  • They offer cool, shady areas and absorb pollutants
  • A mix of species will help our Borough adapt to future climate change, pests and diseases
  • Volunteering as well as planting and caring for trees helps boost wellbeing
  • They create valuable green spaces for local people
  • If you plant trees and hedges properly, it creates safe and diverse wildlife corridors that link and protect habitats
  • They stabilise soil and protect against wind damage
  • They reduce surface water run-off, flooding and snowdrift
  • Trees can provide us with food crops and other useful materials

Our aim is to record the location, species and who carried out the planting of the trees. This information will help us to keep track of how much carbon the trees are storing over their lifetime.

Why Native Trees?

Provenance plays a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity. Local trees are essential for supporting microorganisms, fungi, and insects, providing them with food and shelter. Additionally, through their roots, trees help establish a beneficial underground information highway.

Take the mighty oak, for instance. It supports over 2,300 species of insects, fungi, birds, and small mammals, among others. Of these, 320 species are exclusively found on oak, while another 229 are rarely found elsewhere.

It is imperative to understand the significance of preserving local trees and their provenance. By doing so, we can ensure the survival of various species that rely on them for their existence. Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect and conserve these natural resources for future generations.

Why Native Trees?

What type of trees should you plant?

​Get Involved

Have you planted a tree and want to include it towards our one million target?

If so, then fill in the short form below:

We are thankful to everyone who is doing their bit to help us tackle climate change.

For any enquiries please T. 028 9034 0139 or  email us