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Threemilewater DEA

Threemilewater DEA is an urban DEA and includes Ballyduff, Fairview, Jordanstown, Monkstown, Mossley and Rostulla.

Threemilewater DEA is an urban DEA and includes Ballyduff, Fairview, Jordanstown, Monkstown, Mossley and Rostulla.  

This DEA is home to the original Council Offices of Newtownabbey Borough Council at Mossley Mill.  It was the former flax spinning mill which was saved from demolition when Newtownabbey Council bought it in 1996 and a major restoration and conversion project begun. 

The Newtownabbey Way, Threemilewater park, Ulster University and Jordanstown Loughshore Caravan Park are all located within this DEA.


Top Facts:
  • 15% of the population of the Borough live in this DEA in 7,688 households.
  • There was a 4% population growth in this area over the 10 years 2004-2014.
  • The population of this area is young, 66% are within the working age category.
  • 39% of households have access to 2 cars/vans.
  • 82% are in good/very good health, although 6.5%have a chronic illness.
  • There are 3 primary schools, 2 post primary schools 3 special needs, 2 nursery and 2 pre-schools.
  • There were 25 Invest NI start-ups (2014/2015), 9 in Jordanstown.
Did You Know:
  • This DEA has 7 parks and play areas, 1 leisure centre with a golf course and 2 theatres.
  • It is the home to Mossley Mill with its iconic chimneys.
  • There are 17 sports facilities (including 2 council owned pitch/pavilion sites and school facilities) in this area and 82% people are in very good/good health.
  • This DEA has 4 chemists, 1 dental surgery BUT noGP practices.
  • 12.8% of people within this DEA provide unpaid care to sick and disabled relatives.
  • Almost 71.7% of school leavers achieved at least 5 GCSE’S A*-C (or equivalent).
  • 26% (16+) are qualified to Level 4 and above (2011), 

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