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Advertising Rates

We are offering businesses and organisations a great opportunity to directly advertise to our residents, in Borough Life.

We are offering businesses and organisations a great opportunity to directly advertise to our residents, in Borough Life.

We reach approximately 70,000 homes and businesses several times a year with Borough Life and can offer advertising space in the printed and digital magazine, available at antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk/boroughlife.

We are also seeking businesses to take advantage of partnership opportunities, such as sponsoring prizes for our popular competitions in Borough Life and on our growing social media channels.

These advertising and sponsorship opportunities are excellent ways for you to reach our residents, benefit from successful online channels and work in partnership with us on key, high visibility events like the Enchanted Winter Garden which last year attracted 44,000 visitors.

 Borough Life Advertisement Prices


  • Full Page, Inside £800
  • Half Page, Inside £500
  • Back Cover £1000

HALF PAGE SIZE: 122.5mm x 170mm

FULL PAGE SIZE: 245mm x 170mm

Artwork MUST be supplied as a print ready PDF file


Discounts available for block bookings

  • Two 10%
  • Three 12.5%
  • Four 15%
  • Five 20%
  • Six 25%


Companies wishing to advertise or sponsor Council events/projects with the Council must adhere to any relevant regulations and code of practice. All adverts must adhere to the codes of conduct laid down by the Advertising Standards Authority and must not conflict with the Council’s aims and priorities.

Advertisements must:

  • Be legal, decent, honest and truthful
  • Not bring advertising or the Council into disrepute
  • Respect the principles of fair competition

The Council will not endorse or knowingly be associated with any form of advertising that promotes:

  • Alcohol
  • Betting or gambling
  • Violence
  • Tobacco, E-cigarettes and similar products
  • The sex industry
  • Material which may be regarded as offensive or discriminatory
  • Political parties or independent politicians
  • Organisations opposed to or campaigning against Council policies or Organisations in financial or legal contact with the Council
  • Companies or Organisations providing services in competition to Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council

The Council reserves the right to refuse any sponsorship or advertisements deemed inappropriate. This list is not comprehensive and may be changed at any time.

The Council is not responsible for the quality or reliability of the product or services o ered within any advertisement.

The Council would never knowingly run an advertisement that is misleading, offensive, untrue or fraudulent.

The Council does not accept responsibility for errors, omissions or for any consequences arising when visiting third information.

The Council will only place advertising banners on our own property for Council projects/events and for those projects/events which the Council is delivering in partnership.

For more details contact the media team on