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Pre-Determination Hearing Arrangements for Application: LA03/2018/0842/F


It was confirmed by the Planning Committee at its meeting on 16 November 2020 that the Pre-Determination Hearing required for application LA03/2018/0842/F (details below) should be held on Thursday 3 December commencing at 5.15pm. Click here to view the live stream. 

Application No LA03/2018/0842/F

Proposal: Demolition of existing building and replacement with Class A1 Foodstore and associated eight-bay Petrol Filling Station and associated works including car parking, access from Doagh Road, Click-and-Collect facility and landscaping. Access from Doagh Road facilitated by new roundabout to replace Doagh Road and Monkstown Road junction; and off-site road improvement works at Doagh Road/Station Road/O'Neills Road junction

Site/Location: 229-233 Doagh Road Monkstown Industrial Estate Newtownabbey BT36 6XA
Applicant: ASDA Store Ltd
The Planning Committee delegated the arrangements and procedures for the Pre-Determination hearing to Officers and these are outlined below;
VENUE: Council Chamber, Mossley Mill, Newtownabbey by Remote Access
DATE: Thursday 3 December 2020 commencing at 5:15pm
Due to the ongoing impact of Coronavirus this Pre-Determination Hearing will be facilitated through the use of technology to provide for remote access to Members and public speakers as necessary.  It is also intended that the meeting will be live streamed on the Council’s website via a suitable platform to facilitate members of the public who wish to view the Hearing.
Whilst the Council Offices remain closed to the general public for normal business, facilitated public access at Mossley Mill will be considered for anyone who cannot for good reason access the Pre-Determination Hearing remotely.  However, this will be subject to availability and social distancing requirements and all requests to attend in person must therefore be registered with the Council in advance providing the reason for this.  The Council would however encourage all those with an interest in the Hearing to use the remote access measures wherever possible.
The Pre-Determination Hearing will follow similar arrangements to those in place for the operation of the Council’s Planning Committee.  Given that the Chair of the Committee has declared an interest in this application the Pre-Determination Hearing will be presided over by the Vice Chair, Councillor Sam Flanagan.


Those who have made a representation in objection to or support for the application, as well as the applicant and their representatives may request to speak at the Pre-Determination Hearing and details of how to register are outlined below.
In addition, presentations may also be invited from consultees to the planning application, including persons from statutory and non-statutory bodies.  In this case the Council is inviting representatives from the Department for Infrastructure Roads to participate at the Hearing.
It should be noted that none of the speakers at the Hearing, including non-Committee Members of the Council are entitled to ask any questions or cross examine any other person, however, Planning Committee Members may ask questions or seek clarification on any issue arising.
All requests to attend the Hearing and requests to speak at the Hearing must be registered with the Council before noon on 30 November 2020.
You can register with the Council by contacting the Planning Administration Team by phone on 0300 123 6677 or emailing planning@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk before the deadline.
Anyone registering to speak should state whether they are a Councillor who is not on the Planning Committee, a supporter including the applicant/agent, or an objector and set out the planning issues which you wish to raise.  You must supply any written information which you wish to be circulated to the Committee at the same time as your request.  PowerPoint presentations are acceptable, however, the PowerPoint presentation must be submitted to the Council at the same time as your request to speak.  Late requests to speak will not be allowed nor will material produced on the day be circulated to members of the Planning Committee.
Up to six (6) non-Committee Members of the Council may request to speak at the hearing and a time restriction of three (3) minutes will apply to each Councillor.
A total period of up to eighteen (18) minutes will be allowed for objectors to speak and each speaker will be subject to a time limit of three (3) minutes.  Where more than six (6) objectors register to speak the time available may be split evenly amongst the objectors.  Alternatively, where objectors register to speak the Council would encourage discussion beforehand to agree how the time allocated is to be shared between objectors and who will speak.
Supporters of the proposal, including the applicant and agent, will be allowed the sum total of the time used by the objectors to speak during the hearing up to a maximum of eighteen (18) minutes.  Once again the Council would encourage discussion beforehand by supporters to agree how the time allocated is to be shared and who will speak.  Please also note if there are no objectors registered to speak supporters will be subject to a time limit of nine (9) minutes.
Representatives of consultees listed will be subject to a time limit of five minutes (5) on their presentation.  Members of the Planning Committee may ask these representatives questions or seek clarification on any issue of their presentation.
A list of persons scheduled to speak, and in which capacity, will be made available on the Council’s website on Tuesday 1 December to facilitate any necessary discussion regarding the sharing of time allocated and to help decide who will be speaking.  This must then be confirmed with the Council.


At the start of the meeting Officers will provide information on the proposed development and the processing of the application to date.
Those registered to speak at the Hearing will then be invited to speak in the following order:
1. Councillor(s) not on the Planning Committee.
2. Objectors.
3. Supporters including the Applicant or their Agent.
4. Consultees to the application which have been invited to attend.
No decision on the application will be made at the Pre-Determination Hearing. Subject to the matters raised at the Hearing it is however anticipated that the application will be brought forward to the January Planning Committee meeting for final determination and consideration of the proposal will be subject to the normal Planning Committee procedures.
Please note that the Council reserves the right to amend these procedures.

Pre-Determination speakers register
Pre-Determination presentation
Pre-Determination planning report
Pre-Determination record of meeting Dec 2020
Pre Determination Hearing Audio

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