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The home is the most common location for an accident to happen. Every year across the UK, there are approximately 6,000 deaths as a result of home accidents. Our Health & Wellbeing service provides  Home Safety advice and information to help our residents identify and  reduce the risks posed by hazards in the home and garden.  We provide home safety checks for Over 65s, vulnerable adults and families with children under 5 where we can tailor the advice and in addition, can provide useful home safety items if eligible.

Got a question?

Maybe you have some questions like these that you’d like to ask:
Do I need a Carbon Monoxide Alarm…. and if I do, where do I put them? 
When do I need to put up stairgates and is there a better type to get? 
Are there any dangers from toys with small magnets?
Is there any help for older people to get smoke alarms?

If you have a question, why not ask Tom, our Home Safety Officer. Simply fill in the below box and Tom will be happy to reply with advice and information.


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