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Book of Condolence for Captain Sir Tom Moore

The Mayor of Antrim and Newtownabbey, Councillor Jim Montgomery has opened an online book of condolence on Wednesday 3 February 2021 for residents of the Borough who wish to pay tribute to Army Veteran, Captain Sir Tom Moore who raised almost £33m for NHS charities. 

Messages of condolence for Captain Sir Tom Moore:



Mayor, Cllr Jim Montgomery

Captain Sir Tom Moore throughout his life has clearly shown great commitment to his country through his time serving in the army and his amazing fundraising efforts for NHS charities. He is a true National hero and a great role model to many. My condolences to all his family and those who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Deputy Mayor, Cllr Noreen McClelland

So sorry to hear this news, Captain Tom Moore was a very inspiring man who won the hearts of everyone. My thoughts are with his family at this sad and difficult time.

Cllr Paul Dunlop BEM Captain Sir Tom Moore you were an inspiration to us all during this Covid pandemic. Your memory will last on and your tireless fundraising for the NHS will never be forgotten. May I pass my condolences to your Family. God bless Sir Tom. 
Cllr Sam Flanagan Captain Sir Tom Moore was an inspirational figure to our nation at one of its most difficult times, and many will reflect on his words of eternal optimism ‘tomorrow will be a good day’ as they face their own challenges. My heartfelt condolences to his family circle and close friends at this sad time.
Ald Phillip Brett A national hero who provided light in times of such darkness. We thank you for a lifetime of service to your country. “ I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7.
Carrie Fisher What a lifetime that Captain Tom Moore had! He is such inspiration to many of us, especially during Covid pandemic raising so much money for NHS, plus serving his country and army, my condolences to his family knowing he will not be forgotten and will always remember many of us. #Neverwalkalone
Cllr Norrie Ramsay You swore to serve Queen and Country, a duty which you carried out to the very end. Rest in Peace Sir. 
Charlotte Alexander Through the clouds a rainbow came in the shape of a wonderful man soldier and a countrys hero... you were simply amazing... you taught us all that "tomorrow will be a good day". Now it's time for you too stand easy soldier.. safe in the arms of jesus. Love from Charlotte,Benjamin,jack,josh and Elliott (aged8) N.Y.W.A
Helen Patterson You will always be our hero, you will be missed
Cllr Alison Bennington I am not a Liverpool fan but every time we hear or sing ‘You’ll never walk alone’ we will remember you in out thoughts. You were a beacon of inspiration to all, to those who come after you and the nation. RIP Sir Captain Tom. I salute you.
Patricia Adams RIP Captain Tom, thinking of your family at this time x
Sharon Steenson RIP sir Tom thank you for everything you’ve done for NHS you’ve made us all proud you showed extreme light in our darkness you’ll never be forgotten heaven has truly gained a special angel x
Ald John Smyth Captain Sir Tom Moore was an inspiration to us all and tomorrow will be better.
Bernadette Darby To a man that changed so many peoples lives. He was an amazing person and despite his age he fought on till the end RIP Sir Captain John Moore.
Cllr Neil Kelly A life lived serving others, condolences to the family and all who knew him.
Anglea McCrea Captain Sir Tom Moore What a icon you are,not only a war hero Britain's Hero But also a hero for NHS. You have truly left your mark for the world to see. You filled our hearts with pride and joy and im so glad I've got grandchildren who know who you are and they can tell their grandchildren one day about the war hero who millions of lifes in war but also got knighted for doing a good thing for NHS you will be so missed by all so God bless to you and your family
Susan Lavery What an inspiration to every one of us. My thoughts are very much with the family at this time. Stand easy Sir, your duty is done.
Cllr Paul Hamill Sorry to hear this this loss. Thankful for a life lived and service rendered for the country.
Campbell Dixon Thank you Sir Tom, what a legacy you have left!
Ald Mandy Girvan Heart felt sympathy for the family and friends of Sir Tom
Keren Dunbar Rest easy, Captain. Your work is done. God bless you
Cllr Stephen Ross In the dark days at the beginning of COVID 19 the highlight of my day was seeing Tom doing his bit for our NHS and doing so raised my mood.
Sarah Fenton My thoughts are with Captain Tom’s family at this very difficult and emotional time. He was an inspiration to the nation and will be for many years to come. Rest easy Captain Sir Thomas Moore.
Lisa & Ryan Bloomer Rest in peace Captain Sir Tom Moore, true hero & legend always & forever
Nadeina Willis-McCooke You ensured tomorrow will be a better day for everyone due to your dedication and positive attitude throughout the pandemic. RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore and thank you. Condolences to all the family circle.
Olive Burns Captain Sir Tom Moore is an absolute legend.
Emma Foster Captain Tom, you were my hero. An inspiration to all. Condolences to all your family and friends.
Joan Cundy Thank you Sir - RIP
Ald Linda Clarke What a legend to us all, our thoughts and prayers are with his family and all those privileged to have known him.
John Blair MLA What a legend to us all, our thoughts and prayers are with his family and all those privileged to have known him.
Cllr Linda Irwin Captain Sir Tom Moore was an inspiration to us all and has left behind a wonderful legacy of hope and optimism. A truly inspiring human being who brought light to our country in the darkest of days. Forever my hero.
Cllr Robert Foster Captain Sir Tom Moore. You were a true inspiration throughout your entire life as a veteran of WW2, and during COVID 19 the biggest fight of a generation you once again rose to the challenge faced by our country and the wider world. You showed us all how there would be better days ahead and through your heroic fundraising you have made such a difference to so many lives. Rest Easy Soldier Your Duty is Done.
Doreen McKinstry A true inspiration to everyone. Thoughts and prayers with his family.
Cllr Mark Cooper BEM We do not remember days; we remember moments. We salute you, a true hero. Remembered by the good people of Three Mile Water DEA. Lest we forget.
Jill Stubbs “A life well lived” Capt. Tom gave us hope when our world was very dark. Thank you Sir.
Ald Paul Michael BEM My deepest sympathies on his passing the likes we may never see again, a shine light to all of us in some of our darkest days. RIP. 
Stephanie Boyd Few will have heard of Captain Sir Tom before this crisis, an ordinary person who did something extraordinary which inspired us all, his contribution and example now live on in us all.
Pamela Boyd Rest in Peace Captain Sir Tom an inspiration to us all a true hero.
Laurence Mulligan The service this gentleman gave is the reason we exist and for the freedoms we enjoy today. God bless Captain Sir Tom Moore and on behalf of my family our condolences to all of his family RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore.
James Holmes It was with sadness that I learnt of the death of Sir Tom. His work should be an example to us all. A memorial of his work should be done by naming a hospital after him. He done so much fund raising for the NHS.
Joanna Simpson Thank you for all you have done for the people of Great Britain. You will always be my hero. Rest in peace Captain Sir Tom. God's garden must be beautiful as he only takes the best x
Ivan Higgins Rest easy Captain Tom a real hero
Andrea Stanbridge A true inspiration.Thank you. 
Michelle Steele Dear Sir Tom I thank you for doing what you did to help raise money for the NHS and other charities. There will be no other person who deserved the captain title like yourself. May your legacy live on. THANK YOU
Mary Boyd God bless you Captain Sir Tom Moore....May you rest in Heavenly peace xxx Thank you...you are a True Hero.xx
Melanie Tyler You were and are such an inspiration to many. Rip sir tom. Your name will be remembered. Thinking of the family circle at this sad time x
Sharon Foster Such an inspiration. Thinking of your family at this time. Rest easy, Captain Tom.
Hilary Montgomery Thank you for all you did both in 2020 and during WWII. Inspirational.
Adele Reid Thank you for your wonderful example of positivity and courage R.I.P Captain Sir Tom. 
Jeanette Stewart A true gentleman and an example to all. RIP
Irene Cowan RIP Captain Tom.
Gillian Boocock A shining light in the darkness of 2020, Captain Sir Tom Moore restored our hope that better days were to come. Rest in peace Sir.
Elaine Aston Thank you for your service Sir. Rest easy.
Rosemary Wallace So very sad . Captain Tom gave us all hope during a very difficult time. Condolences to his family at this sad time. Gone but never forgotten.
Audrey Oliphant An ordinary man who did an extraordinary thing in the last year of his life. Deepest sympathy to his family. May it never be forgotten what he achieved.
Rebecca Roberts Captain Tom, you are a true inspiration, a true hero. Thank you for all you've done.
Pauline Walker Through those dark days, you where an inspiration to us all. Today is a good day..fly high Sir Tom Moore.
Gavin Gray My thoughts are with his family at this difficult time. He was a thoughtful and unassuming gentleman in the true sense and his actions to support our health service inspired others and helped us to remember what it truely means to be British at a time when we needed it the most.
Alison McKenzie God Bless Rest in Peace xx
Frances Suitters Captain Tom Moore you done your country proud, you were a true gentleman and you will never be forgotten RIP and sleep easy
Mary Beryl Wright Rip Sir Tom Moore
Sharlene Brown Captain Sir Tom Moore rest in peace. A true inspirational legend. A national hero. Condolences to all his family and friends God bless
Lyla You were a inspiration to us all. Thoughts are with your family at this sad time.
Colleen Hanson Thoughts and prayers to captain sir tom Moore family circle he was an inspiration to all peace perfect peace x
May Wilson Thank you for your uplifting spirit when we needed it most xx
Marlene Higgins RIP you done ur Country and us proud ...Time to rest god bless xx
Norah O'Hare U wr an inspiration to us all u kept us all going and what a guy u wr may god bless u and keep u in his arms
Tara Arnold You were a total inspiration to us all.
Nikita Graham Rest in Peace Captain Tom, you are a national hero and your legacy will live on. 
Hilary Little Such a wonderful man RIP captain Tom
Karen Banks Rest easy sir, you done everyone proud, God bless you Sir
Heather Gilmour My condolences to your family. Captain Sir Tom Moore you were an exceptional soldier who went above and beyond the call of duty for your country and your fellow men women and children. Bless your wonderful heart and stand easy soldier it's time to rest in peace.
Ian Simpson You were a fantastic roll model to everyone that has grown to know and love you over the past year. Thank you for all you have done during your life and never letting go of the thought that brighter days are ahead. Rest in peace. 
Major J F Read ‘You are the best of us and what we aspire to be,’Role models are what Young people Aspire to be and in these difficult times As We "Aspire to Achieve"You have set the bar high.Respect.
Robina Kirkpatrick Captain Sir Tom, a wonderful inspiration to us all. My thoughts are with his family at this sad time. Wonderful memories of this gentleman.
Madge Pattison You give of yourself to this country right up until your last year, we thank you, we salute you now it is time for you to stand at ease.
Alan Coleman An inspiration to his comrades in the second world war. Who would have thought 75 years later an inspiration to the world. Rest in peace and thank you for your service. A Great British institution and hero of our times.
Lynda Smyth Rest in peace to a wonderful gentleman. A true hero of Britain. They don't make them like you anymore. Goodnight and God bless.
Kerry McCroary Sir Tom you were and still are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for serving your country not once but twice. You've left behind a legacy for your lovely family and for us all and taught us that we will get through this if we look out for one another. #Tomorrow will be a better day. Sleep tight Sir. 
Jon Jo Flood National treasure and hero! Did so much! Absolute respect. What a life Bob bad!
Jean Sloan Your work here is done sir rest in peace. 
Lynda Holmes It was with great sadness to hear of the passing of Sir Tom Moore. He was a great role model and inspiration for the the country during the difficult days in 2020/21. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.
Hannah Todd A true hero of our time x
Brenda Mitchell RIP Captain Sir Tom , truly an inspiration , condolences to your family , they must be so proud of you. Truly one of life’s gentlemen. 
Elizabeth Johnston I would like to send my sincere sympathies to the family of Captain Sir Tom Moore. You are all remembered in my prayers at this sad time. Sir Tom was such an inspiration to everyone at the time the whole country needed it. He will never be forgotten. I will always remember his words 'tomorrow will be a good day' and also his rendition of 'You'll Never Walk Alone'.
Laura, Andrew, Harvey Captain Tom Moore, a true gent who touched the hearts of the nation. One of a kind. God bless you and your family.
Jean Nelson Captain Sir Tom Moore a true gentleman and an inspiration to us all. On more than one occasion when our country needed you, you were there to remind us "Tomorrow will be a good day" . Total respect and our unending gratitude for your Service. Rest easy Sir, Stand down your duty is done. Our condolences and thoughts are with all of Captain Tom's family and friends.
Gail McCracken Captain sir Tom you were a real hero and inspiration to us all. My deepest sympathy to your family I'm sure they are beaming with pride. I hope they find the strength to cope with losing you. Stand down sir your duty is done.
Margaret Weldon Thank you Captain Sir Tom Moore your achievement will never be forgotten, such an inspiration to us all.Heaven has gained another beautiful angel. R.I.P Sleep easy xxx
Robin Harkness What a legacy Captain sir Tom Moore has left!my condolences go to his family.
Norma Blair A wonderful man who was a true Hero may he rest in peace . Gone but never forgot xx
Julie Barton Thinking of you at this sad time x
Greg Wallace RIP Sir Tom, my condolences to the family circle. Thank you Sir for your service. Soldier on.. Lest we forget.
Barry Foster Rest easy Sir, your duty done. Deepest condolences to the family circle.
Cllr Leah Smyth Captain Sir Tom Moore, you were a true inspiration to us all during this very difficult time and won the hearts of so many across the nation. Thank you for being a shining light through times of darkness. A true Hero! My condolences to his family and friends.
Jacqueline Hughes Thank you Sir Tom for all you have done.
Hugh & Andrea Blair When in his speech in 1940 Winton Churchill stated about the RAF "Never in the field of human conflict was so much been owed by so many to so few". You are the last of the few Sir Tom, Not only did you help others then, But now, again, you by your generosity has helped fight an unseen enemy, Your donated funds have went on to save and help countless others in this pandemic. 'We all Salute you Sir Tom Moore. A True Hero'.
Darren Watkins Where does one start, such an inspiration and a national treasure, we can only thank you for your excellent service to our country. May you rest in Eternal peace, stand down your duty is done Sir.
Karen Carlisle A very humble gentleman who lived a great life and taught us all a lesson at the grand age of 100. What a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. Such a lovely man. Deepest sympathy to the family of Captain Sir Tom Moore. A life well lived and a true gentleman.
Barbara Macklin Thank you Captain Sir Tom for inspiring all of us to do better for each other and to always seek a better tomorrow.
Noel Magee Sir Tom, he was an amazing inspiration to us all and is sadly missed. We will remember him. His family is in our thoughts and prayers.
Vi Neill What a gentleman, thoughts go out to his family he will be missed xx
Alison Kilpatrick Captain Tom what an inspirational man you were . You were the only person in these difficult times that I watched on the media that made me smile and cheered me up. The money you raised was phenomenal. You will always be remembered. Sincere condolences to all your family.
Christine Edwards Captain Sir Tom Moore you are a gentleman, hero and an inspiration to many and will always have a place in millions of hearts. Rest in Peace Sir Tom I salute you.
Karl & Wendy Bailey A true gentleman through and through and an inspiration to so many both young and old. A national treasure that will sadly missed our thoughts are with his family & friends.
Stephen Beattie What a true hero who gave so much to our amazing Country in his final moment on earth. RIP Sir!
Leslie Thank you for your services in war and in raising money for NHS
Jemma Hamilton Thank you for being a true inspiration for everyone of all ages. Thank you for your kindness and strength. Thank you for being the light we all needed. Thank you for being you.
Leigh Simpson A true hero to the end , such an inspiration to us all. Rest in peace Captain Sir Tom Moore xx
Mitchell family RIP Captain Tom Moore, a true legend!
Karen McCausland One of life true gentleman sleeping with the angels
Claire & Anthony Robb RIP. Its wonderful the impact you had on millions of people worldwide who feel like we all knew you. You will be fondly remembered for giving so much hope and inspiration to so many in their darkest days. Praying for your family.
Claire McIvor Thank you for bringing joy and happiness to our family during the pandemic!
Christine Caldwell Rest easy amazing man so humble and give everyone hope during the craziness of life during the hardest test we as humans have had to face in our lifetime RIP Captain Sir Tom
Marion Sefton Such a wonderful man. An inspiration to us all. Rest Sir Tom xx
Sharon A true inspiration. R.I.P Sir Tom xx
Dorothy McKay Remembering such an exceptional man and all his achievements over his lifetime. May these help his family in the years ahead.
Stephen & Mandy Williamson So sorry to hear the news that covid took another hero you put us all to shame with the money you raised rest now and thank you for all you have done for our country xx
Kathleen Cooke Rip sir tom u were amazing look down on ur family x
Jeannie McCleery RIP Sir Captain Tom Our hero will never be forgotten Loved by all God bless
Jennifer So sorry to hear the news of the passing of Sir Tom. A real true life hero. Rest in Peace Captain Sir Tom Moore.
Helen Hurley God bless you Sir. A shining light in the darkness. A true gentleman. You’ll never be forgotten. A life well lived
Robert Graham What a wonderful man in deed. He raised a lot of money for the NHS towards helping us all through this pandemic. My Grandmother was also proud of him she also fell asleep in December 2020 at the grand old age of 100. Thankyou Sir Tom you were a insperation to us all your memory will live on forever. Thankyou. The Grahams xxx
Nancy Davis Sad but not sad. Inspirational but humble. A true Brit. A true gentleman. True to yourself. Thank you.
John & Carol RIP and thank you for bringing us all together during such difficult times.
Lynda Baillie You were and will an inspiration to so many people. R.I.P Captain Tom Moore
Julie Roberts God bless you Csptain Tom,you gave us hope from the start of the pandemic, and wonderful to have you in lives, so sad you couldn't be here for the end of it.Rest in peace soldier x
Sutcliffe family Rest in peace captain Sir Tom, a true inspiration for so many of us, well done you brought a nation together where so many have failed. Rest easy soldier.
George & Marha Hussey Switching on the news every morning we knew there would be a glimmer of hope and that was you. In that first lockdown nobody knew how it was going to end your words of tomorrow will be a good day gave us all hope. Thankyou Captain Sir Tom
Elaine Wightman Farewell Sir captain Tom Moore you where an inspiration to us all in these very dark days . You lifted the spirits of the nation . You will be forever remembered and forever in our hearts. RIP
Janet Jones Sir Captain Tom what a wonderful chance it was for all of us to meet you and share your thoughts about the pandemic. You gave us Hope and encouraged many of us during the Lockdown to just to keep going. YOUR DAILY WALKS ENCOURAGED MANY OF US TO GET OUT AND WALK. YOUR LEGACY, TOMORROW WILL BE A GOOD DAY. YOUR WORDS WILL STAY WITH US FOR MANY YEARS. OLD SOLDIERS NEVER DIE RIP
Chris McMullan Sir Tom. Thankyou for all our yesterdays. But really thankyou for all our tomorrows. Field Marshall Sir Tom. Your up there with Montgomery .Nelson. Wellington. You inspired us all. We can win the battle even when cant see it. You will have a statue .on a colomn bigger than Nelsons . Looking over the nation . Inspiring us all. Godbless you. And love to your loving Family. Sir Tom . Battles nearly over because you. X
Shirley-Anne Lord Captain Sir Tom. "A Man for all Seasons." A man who has shown us how we humans should conduct our lives. A man who made us proud to be British. God bless you. Rest in Peace.
Linda Hunt RIP Sir Captain Tom you was and always will be the greatest.thank you for everthing you did.God Bless You.you will always be remembered.xx
Jane Herring A great man. Will always be remembered and he will always inspire me that you can do anything if you believe in what you do. RIP. X
Breda Ireland What a man Sir, an example to all. Rest in a well deserved peace. Slan leat!
Robert Pheby Farewell Capt Tom. Come the man, cometh the hour. Deepest condolences for our hero.
Christopher Billington Captain Sir Tom Moore. you set the bar so high. you set us on the right road you sparked a light in the world. you gave us hope at a time when we were down. You cheered the world with your wisdom and unselfish sentiment s. 100 years is an achievement in it self but what you have achieved in that time is unsurmountable R.I.P Sir Tom you will be remembered in our hearts for ever God Bless you always. Chris Billington and family.
Joan Payne God hold you in his arms Captain/ Colonel Sir Tom Moore, I will not fear death as I know you will be at Heaven's Gate to greet me and I look forward to seeing your lovely smileMarion
Marion Thank you Captain Tom for everything. Your were a true inspiration to myself, children and grandchildren. A legend never to be forgotten. May you Rest in Peace.
Pippa de Leon Captain Tom you were a true inspirational gentleman and hero to millions. Your memory will live on. Rest in peace. 
Stephen & Margaret Towns Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday. Unheard but always near, still loved, always missed and very dear. Sending love to all Sir Toms family today.
Hayfield family Throughout his whole life Captain Tom was a wonderful inspirational gentleman who will never be forgotten.
Rosa Osborne & Susan Baker Capt Tom, Thank you for you have done to raise funds that will enrich the lives of so many people. Rest in peace knowing you made this world a better place for all. Your family will be proud of you, as we all are. Sleep well, Sir Tom
Geoff White Rest in peace. Such a gentleman and gentle soul. Tomorrow will be a good day.
Julieanne Boyd What a gentleman you were surrounded by your loving family xxx your spirit it live on forever there will never be another like you god bless rest in peace sir xxxxx
Cassandra Hall A super hero. You will be sadly missed.
Sharon Herrick Hello Sir Tom You are in my prayers on a night and remind me so much of my dad who passed away. Your kindness and loving smile will always be remembered. Big hug and God bless. Xx
Julie Crane Captain Sir Tom Moore - The Legend. Your name will live on in our history. You are one of a kind. ‘Tomorrow will be a good day.’ You’ll Never Walk Alone. Thank you very much