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The White House

T. 028 9080 1690
E. whitehouseni21@gmail.com
W. thewhitehouseindalaradia.co.uk
Whitehouse Park, Newtownabbey, BT37 9SQ

Holiday Openings

Closed Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd April

The White House has nestled on the Northern Shore of Belfast Lough for over 400 years and has now been restored into a beautiful visitor centre and multi-purpose space.

The White House tells both the story of the Williamite and Jacobite Wars from a European perspective and the story of this historic building’s past right up to the present day. The building itself dates back to the 1500s but the most famous story associated with it is in 1690 when William of Orange landed at Carrickfergus on the 14th June.  William’s army landed at the ancient quay near the White House and William rode from Carrickfergus where he met with General Schomberg and other people of note.

After falling into disrepair in the 1800s the building was later used as a gospel hall until 1997.  At this point it was purchased on behalf of Abbey Historical Society by Ulster Garden Villages and in 2000, the White House Preservation Trust was formed to preserve and restore the building. The Trust worked tirelessly to attract funding and was successful in obtaining grant-aid from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Biffa Award, Northern Ireland Environment Agency and Ulster Garden Villages. As a result The White House has been transformed into a beautiful and informative visitor centre. None of this success would have been possible without the dedication of The White House volunteers, who mainly came to the project through the Abbey Historical Society.

Through a range of colourful displays including artefacts, images and interactives, you can explore both the past and present of this unique historical site.


Contact information & Opening Times

  • Location: 34 Whitehouse Park, Newtownabbey, BT37 9SQ

  • Opening hours: May - September (inclusive) Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10am- 3pm; October - April (inclusive) Monday and Tuesday 10am - 3pm; All other days by appointment

  • E. whitehouseni21@gmail.com

  • T. 028 9080 1690

  • Facebook: thewhitehouseindalaradia

  • Website:  thewhitehouseindalaradia.co.uk


The Whitehouse is currently in the care of The Whitehouse Dalaradia Group.