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Arrangements for slipways at Antrim Lough Shore Park

Slipways at Antrim Lough Shore Park

There are two slipways at Antrim Lough Shore Park. The larger slipway is located adjacent to the Gateway Centre and facilitates access for Lough Neagh Rescue boats and other pleasure boats. 

The smaller slipway is located at the end of the car park next to the entrance to Rea's Wood and facilitates jet skis entering the water.

Large slipway

A barrier is in place at this slipway to manage access and ensure the safety of others. Access to the barrier is by key only which can be issued on payment of a returnable £30 deposit. Payment can be made by T. 028 9034 0000 Monday - Friday between 10am - 4pm. The key can then be collected from the Caravan Park at the Lough Shore Park, Monday - Friday between 9am - 5pm. 

Keys cans be returned to Antrim Civic Centre and the £30 deposit will be refunded. 

Jet Ski slipway

The barrier at this slipway will be open daily from 8am - 8pm. Outside of these hours the barrier will be closed and access to the water will not be permitted. 

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