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Light it Purple for World Pancreatic Cancer Day

Each year iconic buildings, landmarks etc worldwide have joined the fight against Pancreatic Cancer. By illuminating buildings purple (symbolic colour of Pancreatic Cancer) , during the month of November they have helped put a bright spotlight on Pancreatic Cancer.

Northern Ireland Pancreatic Cancer (NIPanC) is a charitable organisation working to improve statistics of this devastating disease by focusing on early diagnosis, awareness of symptoms, education of health professionals and also supporting those affected and their families. To support this charity and their 'Turn it Purple' campaign and raise awareness of Pancreatic Cancer, Antrim and Newownabbey Borough Council are lighting up their key buildings Purple.


  • This year over 800 people will receive a pancreatic cancer diagnosis
  • The 5th biggest cancer in UK
  • 95% of those will not survive 5 years
  • 50% of patients affected have never heard of the disease
  • 90% sadly are diagnosed too late for surgery
  • Little known, poorly understood and under funded
  • Survival rates have not improved in past 40 years.

Cause unknown, but some factors can increase your risk.

  • Previous cancers 
  • 40% of patients are under 69 years of age
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • People with at least two family relatives with pancreatic cancer have almost doubled the risk.

This disease known as the “Silent Killer” due to its subtle symptoms….tummy and back pain, unexplained weight loss and indigestion … accurate diagnosis usually made in the Emergency Department and too late for surgery. Early diagnosis is the only way this dreadful survival rate can be improved. 

For more details about Northern Ireland Pancreatic Cancer (NIPanC) contact Isabel Campbell 
17 Russell Manor, Ballyclare BT39 9YR T. 07929 871377