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Fly Tipping at Christmas

Christmas is a magical time, with food, drink and gifts galore! Though after all of the festivities are over and the big tidy up begins, there’s the tree to dispose of, packaging from all of the new toys, and bins struggling to hold all the waste after the party season!

It can be tempting, particularly when it comes to getting rid of bigger items, to pay one of the many “man with a van” services, often found on Gumtree or social media to simply come and take your rubbish away, giving you that fresh start for the New Year in a clean and tidy home.

But you need to be careful, as more and more unlicensed people are taking to social media to offer these kinds of services – most of which result in waste from your property simply being dumped wherever they see fit, in alley ways, country roads or on privately owned land, rather than at a proper landfill site. These people are taking your money and then committing a crime.

Not only is fly tipping an eyesore for residents, it costs the Council thousands of pounds in clean-up costs. We have a zero tolerance approach, and if we find rubbish that is traceable back to you, then you’ll be the one hit with a large fine.

Don’t trust adverts you see on your social media. You are responsible for all waste from your property. The Council's recycling facilities are available to assist you with your excess waste.

 If you do wish to employ someone to remove waste on your behalf, always confirm that they are a registered waste carrier, have a current licence to do so, and be sure to ask questions about where your waste is going to!