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Customer Charter

“A progressive, smart and prosperous Borough. Inspired by our people. Driven by ambition.”

Council staff will:

  • Be approachable and helpful, respectful and professional

  • Listen carefully in order to understand your needs

  • Respond quickly and efficiently to requests for Council services (see Staff Charter for timescales)

  • Give you straightforward information about our services and facilities

  • Ensure our services and facilities are accessible for everybody

  • Treat everyone equally and fairly

  • Be open and accountable

  • Respect your confidentiality

  • Consult customers about our services and welcome feedback.

  • Make reasonable adjustments to ensure access to services for all

  • Make information available on request in accessible formats e.g. large print

  • Have an interpretation service available and/or other support if required (this may require an appointment)

  • Ensure the website is in large text and speech output displays for people with impaired sight

  • Ensure any Council officer who has to visit your home, will show an official identity card without being asked. (If you have any doubt about the authority of a particular officer, check by phoning the Council)

  • Try to resolve problems as soon as possible and encourage customers to raise concerns. If your complaint cannot be resolved informally, we have a formal complaints procedure

  • Monitor our customer service against the standards we have set in our Customer Charter in order to improve our service delivered to you our customer

  • Aim to answer 70% of all queries at first contact or we will connect you as quickly as possible to the person you need to speak to.


Our Staff

  • Should be treated with respect

  • Will not accept any form of abuse or discriminatory behaviour.


Staff will:

  • Wear name badges, where applicable

  • Acknowledge customers on arrival and aim to see them within 5 minutes

  • State the Council’s name when answering switchboard and/or when answering the telephones will state their name and section

  • Answer all telephone calls within 20 seconds

  • Where possible when someone is not available, take a message, offer voicemail facility or arrange for someone to ring you back

  • Respond to voicemails within one working day of receipt

  • Acknowledge receipt of written enquiries within 3 working days and respond within 10 working days

  • Respond to stage 1 complaints within 5 working days (see Feedback page)

  • Acknowledge a stage 2 complaint request within 3 working days

  • Respond to stage 2 complaints within 20 working days

  • If an investigation into a stage 2 complaint takes longer than 20 working days, we will write to the customer, advising of revising time limits, and providing updates on progress

  • Provide contact details (job role, email and phone number) should the customer need to contact them again

  • Will communicate in plain English free of unexplained technical language

  • Direct customers to the correct service provider, when the customer is asking about a service outside the Council (See Useful Contacts - Services Which The Council Is Not Responsible For)

  • Receive ongoing customer training.

Visiting our facilities:

  • We seek to provide easy access for all visitors to our facilities

  • Our facilities will be clean, welcoming and provide information about the council’s services

  • If your appointment is delayed by more than 5 minutes, we will give you an explanation.

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T. 0300 123 4568
E. info@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk

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