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Earth Made By Ruth Osborne and Patricia Millar

Fri, 15 March - Sun, 28 April

Oriel Gallery


Ruth Osborne is textile artist working primarily on Irish Linen, which is chosen for its aesthetic qualities, sustainability, and heritage on the island of Ireland. Her work focuses on connection and communion with nature and a sense of place, taking inspiration from folklore and heritage innate within the local landscape and changing seasons. Working primarily with sustainably foraged natural materials as part of the creative process, her practice often draws upon the historical process of Nature Printing, as used by both artists and botanists since the 15th Century, alongside natural dyeing and ink making, eco-print, and printmaking processes.

Patricia Millar is a ceramic artist from the Causeway Coast. She references archaic domestic forms preserved within the landscape. The potency of these ancient vessels inspires not only form but the methods by which she works. Using Ice Age gravels from ditches that criss-cross fields, glacial clays deposited from springs along basalt cliffs and ash glaze from coppiced woodland, rushes and grasses, her vessels celebrate form, colour and texture of their geological and anthropological origins.