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If you or your partner have had a baby recently, you will need to register its birth.

Register a Birth

When Should I Register my Child's Birth?

By law, all births must be registered within 42 days (6 weeks) of their birth.

Who Can Register a Birth?
It is primarily the responsibility of the mother or the father to register the birth, however if this is not possible, the following people can complete registration.
  • A grandmother, grandfather, aunt or uncle of the baby who has knowledge of the birth
  • The occupier of the premises in which the baby was born (this includes the matron, governor, superintendent or chief officer)
  • Any person present at the birth
  • Any person having charge of the child
Unmarried parents?

If a child has been born to parents who are not married to each other, the father's name and his details can only be recorded if both parents register the birth together. If either parent is unavailable you should speak to the registrar about what to do next.

What Information Will I Need to Bring With Me?

It is helpful to have your “red book” with you, but it is not essential, you can complete the Birth Registration form in advance of attending the office. This form will be used by the registrar to complete the birth registration. 

Birth Certificate Application Form

Where Can the Birth be Registered?

A Birth can be registered at any Registration Office in Northern Ireland (providing the birth occurred in NI)

What Will the Registrar Give Me in Return?

Once you have registered your child's birth, you will be given the following documents:

  • One free short birth certificate
  • A HS123 infant registration form to register your baby with the family doctor and obtain the baby's medical card

Further certified copies (either short or full) can be purchased at the time of registration at a charge of £8.00 per certificate.  To obtained certificates after the date of registration will be £15.00 per certificate. 

Why Do I Have to Register my Child's Birth?

You will need proof of your child's birth for various purposes, for example, to claim child benefit, to register your baby with a doctor and obtaining a passport, starting school etc. The records provide valuable statistics on fertility rates and population estimates etc. Some of the information collected is for statistical purposes only and because this information is strictly confidential it will not appear on the birth certificate.

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