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Prevent Falls in Winter

Falls for older people can have a very serious impact so it is important to take measures to help prevent them happening.

Tips to help prevent falls in winter

  • Take extra care when walking on icy pathways and doorsteps.  If you have to go out wear appropriate footwear that provides traction on snow or ice.

  • Keep paths and steps clear of leaves and moss.

  • Keep your hands free when walking in slippery conditions and use handrails when available.  Take smaller, shorter steps when walking for stability.

  • Maintaining strength and balance is an important factor in preventing falls.  This video show steps we can take at home to prevent falls  https://youtu.be/196QKBNoNQg


Free Home Safety Checks

Free home safety checks are available for over 65s and provide an opportunity to help identify risks in the home and provide advice about reducing them. It also provides an opportunity to be referred to services such as Community Occupational Therapy if as assessment is needed for adaptations (e.g. hand rails) or Assisted Bin collection. 

To request a free Strength and Exercise booklet or for more information about requesting a Home Safety Check contact us via T. 028 9034 0160 or E. envhealth@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk