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  • Important Notice
  • Info about salt / grit piles during this period of cold weather

Emergency Preparedness

In a major emergency, it may be some time before the emergency services can help you. The household emergency life-saving plan gives you a list of useful contact numbers in an emergency and also tells you what you should have in your household emergency pack. Keep your completed plan somewhere safe where you can easily find it in an emergency.

What to do in an emergency If there is an emergency, remember to:

  • Stay calm, reassure others and think before acting

  • Don't put yourself or others in danger

  • If people are injured or there is a threat to life call 999

  • Follow the advice of the emergency services

Helping the elderly The elderly are particularly vulnerable during periods of cold weather. If you have an elderly parent, relative or neighbour, you can help by calling in regularly to check they are ok.  Practical help for example, offering to go to the shops for them or grit their garden path may help them.