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Draft Plan Strategy 2030

The Council has published its Draft Plan Strategy, the first formal stage of the new Local Development Plan 2030, for public consultation.

The Antrim and Newtownabbey Local Development Plan (LDP) is the first to be brought forward by the Council since the transfer of planning powers to local government in 2015. It has been prepared under the new process for development plans introduced by the Planning (NI) Act 2011 and it will apply to the entire Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough area.

Latest News – Draft Plan Strategy Submission to the Department for Infrastructure 

The Council has submitted its Draft Plan Strategy to the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) on 08 March 2021 to cause an Independent Examination.

To view our Draft Plan Strategy Submission please click here

A Public Notice has also been placed in the local press confirming the submission of our Draft Plan Strategy and supporting documents to DfI and that we have made them publically available for inspection.

Draft Plan Strategy (DPS) Submission
Draft Plan Strategy (DPS) Document Library
Draft Plan Strategy Submission DPS Document Library
Plan Strategy (DPS)
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Draft Plan Strategy & Associated Documents Publication
Draft Plan Strategy Consultation
DPS Counter Representations Consultation
E. planning@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk
T. 0300 123 6677.


Draft Plan Strategy and Associated Documents Publication

The Plan Strategy is one of two development plan documents which, when read together, will comprise the LDP for the Borough. The second document is the Local Policies Plan and this will be brought forward by the Council once the Plan Strategy has been adopted.

Our Draft Plan Strategy (DPS) and all associated documents are available to download from the DPS Document Library. Please refer to our published list of documentation for further details.

Draft Plan Strategy Consultation

The draft Plan Strategy was published for a four-week period of pre-consultation running from 28 June 2019 to 25 July 2019. A formal period of public consultation ran from 26 July 2019 to 20 September 2019. 

All representations to the draft Plan Strategy were made publicly available for an 8-week period for counter representations which ran from Friday 11 October 2019 to Friday 6 December 2019.

All representations received to the Draft Plan Strategy are available to view and download from the Section 2A - C of our Formal Submission to DfI  in our DPS Document Library.


DPS Counter Representations Consultation 

In accordance with Regulation 19 of the Planning (Local Development Plan) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015, all representations received to our DPS Counter Representation consultation were published for inspection.

All representations received to this consultation are available to view and download from the Section 2D of our Formal Submission to DfI  in our DPS Document Library.

Please be aware that there is no opportunity to make any further representations at this time.

Draft Plan Strategy Submission

In accordance with Section 10 of the Planning Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 and Regulation 20 of The Planning (Local Development Plan) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015, the Council submitted its Local Development 2030 Draft Plan Strategy (DPS) and associated documents to the Department for Infrastructure (the Department) on 08 March 2021.

The submission of the documents to the Department (Submission Documents) forms the first step of the Independent Examination for the Local Development Plan process. In accordance with Regulation 21 of The Planning (Local Development Plan) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015, the Council has advertised this step and the availability of the relevant documents within a Public Notice advertised during the week commencing 5 April 2021.

The documents submitted to the Department are provided in the Document Library under the Draft Plan Submission section. In addition to the previously published information there are number of new documents including:
  • Soundness Report and appendices (DPS-S-007A – G) – the self assessment of the Plan’s soundness;
  • Public Consultation Report (DPS-S-001) and accompanying documentation (DPS-S-002 to DPS-S-004) setting out a summary of how the Council considered representations to our DPS, including two focussed papers in relation to housing growth (DPS-S-005) and affordable housing issues (DPS-S-006) raised during the public consultation on the DPS.
Please be aware that there is no opportunity to make further representations at this time.

As a consequence of current COVID-19 restrictions, the submission documents will not be available for public inspection at either of its Council offices at this time.

When restrictions allow, the submission documents will be available to view in person by appointment only, between 08:30 and 17:00hrs at Mossley Mill (Carnmoney Northern, Road, Newtownabbey) and Antrim Civic Centre (50 Stiles Way, Antrim). Alternatively, hard copies are also available by post upon request, however these may incur a charge. Please contact  planning@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk or by telephone the Planning Section on 0300 123 6677 to make an appointment.

Draft Plan Strategy Document Library

Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council – Local Development Plan
Submission List of Documents submitted to the DfI for the purposes of causing an Independent Examination.
Evidence Ref No
Document Name
DPS-SL1 ANBC Formal Submission of Documents to DfI letter (including Annex A & B) - March 2021
1. Draft Plan Strategy
DPS 001 Draft Plan Strategy
1A. Draft Plan Strategy Assessments
DPS 002 Sustainability Appraisal (incorporating the Strategic Environmental Assessment) Report 
DPS 003 Sustainability Appraisal Non-Technical Summary
DPS 004 Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report
DPS 005 Draft Habitats Regulations Assessment
DPS 006 Equality (Section 75) Screening and Rural Needs Impact Assessment Report
1B. Draft Plan Strategy Evidence Papers
DPS 007 Evidence Paper 1  Population
DPS 008 Evidence Paper 2  Settlement Evaluation
DPS 009 Evidence Paper 3  Economic Growth
DPS 010 Evidence Paper 4  Retail and Commercial Leisure
DPS 011 Evidence Paper 5  Tourism
DPS 012 Evidence Paper 6  Housing
DPS 013 Evidence Paper 7  Historic Environment
DPS 014 Evidence Paper 8  Community Facilities
DPS 015 Evidence Paper 9  Open Space, Sport and Recreation
DPS 016 Evidence Paper 10  Transportation
DPS 017 Evidence Paper 11  Public Utilities
DPS 018 Evidence Paper 12  Minerals
DPS 019 Evidence Paper 13  Renewables
DPS 020 Evidence Paper 14  Flooding
DPS 021 Evidence Paper 15  Waste
DPS 022 Evidence Paper 16  Landscape Character Assessment
DPS 023 Evidence Paper 17  Natural Heritage
DPS 024 Evidence Paper 18  Rural Pressure Analysis
DPS 025 Evidence Paper 19  Coast
DPS 026 Evidence Paper 20  Loughs
DPS 027 Evidence Paper 21  Placemaking and Good Design
2. Draft Plan Strategy Representations
2A Representations Inventory 
2B Copies of all DPS Representations 
2C DPS Representations to Supporting Assessments
LA03-DPS-0032-SA-SEA R
LA03-DPS-0046 EQIA R
LA03-DPS-0102-SA-HRA R
2D Copies of all DPS Representations received in response to Counter Representations Consultation Stage
LA03-DPS-CR-0123 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0124 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0125 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0126 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0127 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0128 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0129 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0130 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0131 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0132 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0133 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0134 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0135 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0136 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0137 Combined R
LA03-DPS-CR-0138 Combined R
LA03-DPS-CR-0139 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0140 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0141 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0142 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0143 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0144 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0145 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0146 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0147 R
LA03-DPS-CR-0148 Combined R
3. DPS Public Consultation Reports
DPS-S-001 DPS Public Consultation Report 
DPS-S-002 Representations by Issue Report
DPS-S-003 Representations by Respondent Report
DPS-S-004 Counter Representation Report
DPS-S-005 Topic Paper 1: Housing Growth Housing
DPS-S-006 Topic Paper 2: Affordable Housing
4. Soundness
DPS-S-007A Soundness Report
DPS-S-007B Appendix 1: Inventory of Soundness Evidence
DPS-S-007C Appendix 2: Soundness Evidence Base: Draft Plan Strategy stage
DPS-S-007D Appendix 3: Soundness Evidence Base: Preferred Options Paper stage
DPS-S-007E Appendix 4: Soundness Evidence Base: Pre-POP stage
DPS-S-007F Appendix 5: Soundness Evidence Base: Timetable
DPS-S-007G Appendix 6: Soundness Evidence Base: Statement of Community Involvement
5. Preferred Options Paper
POP 001 Preferred Options Paper
5A. POP Public Consultation Report
POP 002 POP Public Consultation Report June 2019
5B. Preferred Options Evidence Papers
POP 003 Meeting the Needs of Society Evidence Paper
POP 004 Facilitating Economic Development Evidence Paper
POP 005 Shaping Our Environment Evidence Paper
POP 006 A Review of Operational Planning Policy Evidence Paper
POP 007 Antrim and Newtownabbey Housing Monitor 2015
POP 008 Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report 
POP 009 Sustainability Appraisal Interim Report inc. SEA & HRA
POP 010 Equality Screening Assessment Interim Progress Report
POP 011 POP Summary Booklet
6. Towards Preferred Options
PrePOP 001 Towards Preferred Options
7. LDP Timetable
T 001 Revised Timetable 2020
8. Statement of Community Involvement
SCI 001 Statement of Community Involvement 2016
9. Other Strategies & Documents
DPS-S-008 ANBC Community Plan
DPS-S-009 ANBC Housing Needs Assessment (Sept 2018)
DPS-S-010 Supporting Statement: ANBC Car Parking Strategy February 2021
DPS-S-011 ANBC Economic Strategy 2018 – 2023
DPS-S-012 ANBC Tourism Strategy 2017 – 2022
DPS-S-013 ANBC Corporate Plan 2019 - 2030
DPS-S-014 NIHE Housing Market Analysis Update 2018 for ANBC
Other timetables are contained within Appendix 5 (DPS-S-007F) of Section 4 of the DfI Documents Submission Section.

ANBC Formal Submission of Documents List

Click here to view.



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